I’ve got nothing to do today but smile

It’s already April, yay! It seems like not too long ago, I was complaining about snow and posting happy pictures of my best February moments to get over the winter blues. It’s still so cold, it feels like winter, but at least now, the snow is melting!

Today, I’m home sick, so I thought I would post some of my favourite moments from March as well. Maybe this will become an every month thing, but I’m not comitting to it just yet, in case I forget to do it next month!

Yoga in my happy place with some of my favourite people.



Doing yoga in the snow.


Spending time with my friend Suzanne and her new baby Stella, a.k.a., the mini muffin.


Funky ashtanga flow to the music of Madonna with Natalie, most awesome yoga teacher.


Making a cake for my little sister’s birthday.


Sisterly love.


Deciding to stop eating sugar. I still really, really want a chocolate bar, but it’s been a few weeks and I don’t feel tired as much. I guess it’s working! (Confession: I had a Luna bar yesterday. I was sick and grumpy and couldn’t help myself!)


This salad. Oh.My.God. Bulgar and quinoa mixed with almonds, cucumbers and tomatoes, drizzled with lemon juice and lemon infused olive oil. So simple, so delicious!


Learning how to get into a new yoga pose. Fallen angel. Amazing.

fallen angel

Making sugar free cookies. Delicious!


New books! This always makes me happy. I actually got more than three. This is just a sample.

new books

Learning a new way to get into an arm balance. Something fun to work on.

arm balance

What made you happy lately?

4 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing to do today but smile

  1. Annie says:

    pssst did you know bulgar is wheat? that salad does sound good !! and the cookies. must make some, at some point! 🙂

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Haha, yes, I knew that that! I’m not 100% gluten free, and this salad tastes better than bread! I hardly miss eating bread. Except today. I was sick and I wanted a grilled cheese. I would have eaten one too…but I don’t have any bread!

  2. Queen Gen says:

    Have you finished The Book Thief? What did you think? Brad wanted to buy it for me cos he thought I’d like it but was afraid it might be too sad for me to read while I’m struggling a bit with post natal depression.

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I just started it, and so far I like it. I’ve never read anything like it before. I’m going to write something that could be considered a spoiler, so you can stop reading this comment now if you want to (although it’s from the first few pages, so it’s not that much of a spoiler.)

      The narrator is death, and he (she? it?) mentions that he sees the book thief three times. The first time (again, first or second page) her brother dies. I’m not sure when he’ll see her again, but I imagine it will be because people who are close to her will die. I’m not finding it super sad yet, but, like I said, I just started. I’ll let you know more when I finish it.

      I don’t know much about post natal depression, but I would probably suggest a happier book. Do you like whimsical, sort of magical books? If so, you should try Sarah Addison Allen. Her books make me happy, like someone gave me a present.

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