It’s the little things

Some bloggers have a schedule. They post on certain days, or make lists on a specific day. I think that’s great, but that kind of commitement scares me. Amber, over at The Usual Bliss, blogs about the best parts of her week every Wednesday and calls it bliss bits. I enjoy reading it and I’ve thought of starting something similar, but I’m afraid I’ll do it once or twice, then forget, and then feel bad about forgeting, but still not do it, and well, you get the picture.

However, today, I’m feeling like I need a little pick-me up. My car is stuck in the snow. Again. I can’t move it, so I just left it there. I’ll deal with it later. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just walk everywhere until the snow melts and sets it free.

I decided to look back on my month and think about the things that made me smile. There are quite a few!

Going to the museum of nature with my students.


Practicing arm-balances on a semi-regular basis.

arm balances

Making vitamin water.


Learning how to take long-exposure photos during my photography class.


Making this girly pink cake for baby Stella’s baby shower.




Skating on the canal.


Exploring my wild side.


Finishing my blanket in time for Suzanne’s shower.


With a little help from my grandmother!


Ah, I feel better already!

7 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. the usual bliss says:

    My Bliss Bits days are my easiest posts! Maybe because I take so many photos during the week, that I always have plenty to share on Wednesdays. I look forward to them. I love your little bits of joy- whether you share them regularly, or not! That cake is gorgeous! 🙂

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I love your bliss bits posts! They always make me want to take more pictures of the happy, pretty things I see! I think I need a new phone. My cell phone takes icky pictures, so I take all my pictures with my camera. I usually have it with me, but sometimes I forget it. My phone, however, is always with me!

  2. Brin says:

    I always love your posts. 🙂 And your pictures. I’m trying hard to add pictures into my posts but it doesn’t come easily for me. I never know what picture to take.
    I have to ask, how do you get such great yoga photos of yourself? Even with a timer, I don’t seem to have the right set up to get a good shot. 😦

    • The Bliss Project says:

      This is so funny: I was reading your post when you commented on mine! Also, I was thinking how great it was that you included pictures of yourself!

      I post the good photos here, what you don’t see are the tons of pictures that didn’t make the cut! My new camera has a 10 second timer, and it beeps just before it takes the picture, so that helps. Also, there’s a feature that lets me take up to 10 pictures, about a second apart, so I get different stages of a pose.

      Eventually, you’ll figure out the perfect spot to take your pictures and you’ll get used to taking 20 pictures to get one good one!

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