The hot room is my happy place

We should all have a happy place. A space that makes us smile and helps us forget what’s bothering us. Sometimes it’s an actual place and sometimes it’s more of a feeling.

I’m always happy when I’m reading. It doesn’t matter where I am. At home, waiting for an appointment, at the bookstore, reading is like a bubble. A happy, word-filled, blissfull bubble.

I also have a happy place that’s an actual space I go to. It’s the hot room. When I walk into the hot room, I feel my shoulders drop a little, even if I didn’t realize I was tense. The heat is like a hug saying “Don’t worry, you’re here now. It’s all about you.”

Yesterday, I went to a yoga class taught by Jen. I was very happy, because she’s been away for a month and I truly love her classes. I think she missed teaching because her power class was really more of a super power. She really kicked our butt in there. About halfway through, I thought to myself “Humm, maybe Jen should have stayed in Australia a little longer!” But I didn’t mean it! It was just the vinyasas talking.

After class, I took a picture with Jen and Amber. Standing next to Jen who’s all tanned, I look like I glow in the dark.


There’s a special vibe at the studio. It’s not my happy place for nothing. The people are amazing, the classes are fantastic and the actual space is beautiful.

There are quotes on the wall. My favourite is the one in the hot room.


This is my happy place. What’s yours?

Pure Yoga Ottawa and both Jen and Amber have been nominated for best yoga studio and best yoga instructors by Faces Magazine. If you’ve been to the studio before, you should go vote! Even if you’ve never been there, you should take my word for it and vote for these wonderful ladies and their fabulous studio!

6 thoughts on “The hot room is my happy place

  1. taozirae says:

    What a lovely happy place! I love any yoga room, any yoga mat, any place I can sit stand roll and play… by the ocean on a mountain or in the sky… after all the play at the end of the day, maybe my happy place is crawling into a comfortable bed with soft clean sheets… heaven. Looking forward to following you! What a beautiful site… and The Bliss Project? Count me in 😉

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I do love my kitchen too, especially when I’m baking!

      Don’t be afraid of hot yoga, it’s wonderful! It does, however, take a few classes before you feel totally comfortable in the heat. I suggest going two or three times before you make up your mind. It’s especially lovely on a cold, cold winter day!

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