Youtube learning curve

Yesterday, I posted my first ever video on youtube. I have no prior youtube knowledge, other than watching the odd video here and there. After I posted it and shared it with a few people, we were overjoyed to notice that each time we clicked, the view counter went up. It went up, and up, and up, until 301. Then, nothing.

I was a little worried here. I mean, the goal is to get as many views as possible on my yoga video to win part of my teacher training fees, and nothing is happening! Ok, I was a lot worried. I thought I broke youtube.

So,¬†I looked into it. Ironically, by watching youtube videos. What happens is that, before 301 views, it’s kind of a free for all. After you reach 301, however, youtube freezes the view counter until it can verify that the video is not being viewed by robots. Ok, I get it. It can take up to a day for the counter to go back to normal. Ok, fine.

But, it had been almost 24 hours, and I was still stuck at 301. Enter another explanatory youtube video. Apparently, not only will the counter stay stuck at 301, but it will only count the legitamate views. So, if you’ve been trying to help by clicking more than once from the same computer, every few minutes, chances are, only one of those views counted. The view counter will stay frozen until the views legitamately reach 301, then it will keep going up.

You can still click a few times a day, but a few hours apart and you have to let the whole video play. Also, if you have access to more than one computer, this would help a lot!

The best way to help would be to share with everyone you know, so the video can get a bunch of different views, and hopefully get unstuck from 301.

Please click on the link! Every view brings me closer to winning 1500$ towards my yoga teacher training tuition.