How to do yoga in the jungle

I just spent a blissful week in Costa Rica doing yoga. I love yoga so, so much! Hot yoga is my favourite, so I wasn’t worried about doing yoga somewhere deliciously hot. I learned quite a few things about myself and my practice when I was there. I also learned some valuable lessons about doing yoga in the jungle and at the beach.

Costa Rica 177

1. It is not your jungle

You know who was there first? The ants! They were there to stay, but thankfully, ants don’t bother me at all. These weren’t some kind of crazy, biting ants, just yellowish, let me eat your picnic, ants. I also saw the biggest grasshopper ever, in the world. There was a praying mantis who caught my attention for so long, I was no longer paying attention to class.

Costa Rica 309

2. I am not a morning yoga person

I woke up every day as the sun came up and got up around 6:30. This was not difficult for me, it was actually enjoyable, which was a surprise. Meditation started at 7:15, and lasted 15 minutes. I enjoyed this as well. Not so surprised here. Yoga was from 7:30 to 9am. This was very difficult for me. Big surprise!

Although I love practicing, morning is not a good time for me. I didn’t feel like pushing myself at all and just kind of moved through the poses. I had very little energy and no desire to find any. I was also hungry, which didn’t help the situation. About halfway through class, I would find some energy and start to enjoy myself a little more.


3. Monkeys trump yoga

During class one afternoon, someone saw a monkey. Well, it didn’t take long before we all got up off our mats and ran for the windows to see it! As an elementary school teacher, I’m usually on the other end of something like this, trying to teach when everyone wants to make sure they don’t miss what’s going on outside. It was cute, and it was swinging from a branch, acting like a monkey. I think he knew we were watching.


4. Yoga on the beach is not really going to happen

About ten of us from the retreat went into Tamarindo for the day, with very good intentions of practicing yoga together on the beach at the end of the day. You know where we ended up? In a restaurant, eating and drinking! I have lots of pictures of me doing yoga poses on the beach, but I never did an actual practice. It was usually too hot. Also, when I’m at the beach, there so many sights, sounds and smells, there’s no way I’m staying present. What if I miss something, like a shark or a pelican?


5. Yin wins

When I first started this blog, I was doing a lot of power yoga. After my week in paradise, I can confirm what I’ve been feeling for a while: I’m not much of a power person anymore. I like yin, with it’s melt-into-the-floor poses and passive postures. I’m not saying I’ll never do power yoga again, and I still love flow, but the afternoon classes, which were less power, more yin, were like candy to me. Maybe it was the slow pace of Costa Rica that got me all yin-like, or the fact that I was running around all day learning how to surf and stand up paddleboard with the crocodiles, leaving me with little energy for yoga at the end of the day. Yin was a welcome relaxation.

Costa Rica 218

The yoga studio at Peace Retreat had an open feel to it, letting in air, light, and the sounds of the jungle. I felt very lucky to be able to practice in such a beautiful setting. I can’t wait to go back and practice there again!

Costa Rica 304

Breathe, practice, repeat

dancer pose seasonsI’ve had a really good yoga week. I went to a class almost every day. Yin, power, flow, it was a great mix of everything I love. This was a very welcome week after a couple of weeks of being sick and not having much energy.

Monday, I went out for lunch. I don’t do well with greasy foods, but I had a quesadilla anyways, and I felt icky all afternoon. I went to yoga anyways and told my teacher, Megan, that I was feeling a little sick and that if I was laying on my mat, it wasn’t because I was dead or her class was boring, I was just not feeling great. Not surprisingly, I spent part of the class in savasana, but felt a million times better at the end of it.

The rest of the week went much more smoothly and was filled with happy yoga moments.

– All kinds of supported fish variations. Supported fish might be my favourite yin pose.

– Seeing my friend Ichih, after she was away for three weeks. Bonus, she did not make me do any dragon pose/gecko variation in yin class.

– Leaving work earlier than usual for a flow class and enjoying every minute of doing yoga with the sun shining through the windows.

– Doing an awesome dancer pose to half-moon to warrior two sequence and not falling down during a power class.

Also, I’ve been feeling loved and supported all week. I made a video trying to explain how much I love yoga, to hopefully win part of the cost of my yoga teacher training tuition, and I am overwhelmed at how many people have viewed and shared the video. The winner will be the person who gets the most youtube views. It’s been a week, and I’ve gotten over 700 views! If you haven’t watched it yet, please do, it would help me a lot! Also, you can click on the link every day to help my views go up!


Hitting the reset button

Since October started, I haven’t been to yoga very much. Twice, to be exact. The first week, I was taking it easy after my 30 day challenge in September, so I only went to one class. But this past week, I’ve been feeling lazy and unmotivated. Every evening, I found a reason not to go to class.

Challenges work well for me. I like the motivation they bring me. Without it, I feel a little lost. I convince myself I am too tired, or sick, or busy to practice, but that leads to me feeling worse, not better.

This morning, I decided enough was enough. I went to a noon detox flow class at Pure. I felt better just walking through the door. A fellow blogger wrote a post about finding your yoga home recently, and it made me realize how much I missed my yoga home. I missed the people, the classes, the energy.

At least five or six people said to me “I haven’t seen you in a while!” Another sign that I’ve been neglecting my second home.

Class was great. I thought it would be a little difficult, since it had been over a week since I’d practiced at all, but it made me feel wonderful. I don’t know why it’s so easy for me to forget how amazing yoga makes me feel about myself. That class was really like hitting a reset button. I’m going to forget about the last two weeks and just focus on what’s to come.

I kind of missed not getting a sticker after class, like I did during the challenge, but Jen gave me a Pure Yoga bumper sticker, so that’s even better!

I’ve decided to try a little experiment. The yoga challenge helped motivate me because I felt like I was being held accountable for doing what I said I would (even if it was just to myself). So now I’m putting it out there that I’m going to three classes this week.

Monday, 7:30 pm Power class with Todd

Wednesday, 7:30 Yin class with Ichih

Thursday, 7:30 Flow class with Jen.

I reserve the right to change my plans, but only if I make other plans instead, like dinner with friends. No cancelling yoga to sit on the couch and watch tv. Hopefully, this will help keep me motivated this week!

The yoga diaries

Last Saturday, I was sick and I did not go to yoga. I know! Crazy. But I needed a rest day. I want to make up the missed class, but I haven’t done it yet. I’m thinking Saturday’s my day.

I haven’t been blogging much, because yoga has taken over my life. I do realize it’s day 27, and I’ve been doing this for close to a month, but this week it felt like I had even less time for other things.

I thought I would give you all a little update, since I know you’ve all been dying to know about my classes!


I felt better than Saturday, so I went to a yang/yin class with Edith. The yang part was obviously the most difficult, as I kept thinking “It’s so nice and warm in here, I’d really like a nap.” Also, when I had my head upside down, like in downward dog, I couldn’t breathe. Fun stuff. Also very attractive. Yin was bliss.


Power class with Jen. I was a little worried, even though I felt better. However, I worried for nothing. It was a-ma-zing! It had been almost a week since I had enough energy to actually enjoy a power class. We did dragon (yuck) but also that awesome arm-balance thing that I can actually do now! Only for about 3 seconds, then I fall over, but still, it’s fabulous!


Low-energy day. When I got up that morning, I had great plans to do two classes, but as the day went on, I realized that was not going to happen! I went to candlelight yin with Mark and it was just what I needed.


I also thought this might be a two-class day, but I had a headache at work, so I decided against it. It was yin again, this time with Ichih. It was the yoga hug I didn’t know I needed. I felt so much better after class.


Today, I had a grumpy practice. I thought I had more energy and motivation than I actually did. So when class started and I realized I would rather be crashed on the couch than at a flow clas, it was kind of a shock. I tried to shake it off, but I was kind of like Eeyore. I sighed my way through chair pose and sat out side plank. Near the end, we did eagle and dancer, and although my balance was not great, it made me feel better.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is more Winnie the Pooh like, and less Eeyore like!

Yin by candlelight

Last night, after I got the time wrong for my yoga class, I was all “To yin or not to yin?” because the class was kind of late and I was worried I would fall asleep and maybe drool while everyone else got their yoga on. I decided to go, which, as it turns out, was an excellent idea. Not only was it a yin class, it was a yin by candlelight class. Doesn’t that sound romantic? Well, it’s not. But it was nice and relaxing.

I am learning things about myself already during this challenge. I don’t like dragon pose, I’ve made that clear. I don’t like his cousin, gecko pose, either. Stupid gecko. Let me explain.

Class started off nicely, with a wide-legged child’s pose and pigeon pose. I didn’t find pigeon quite as annoying as I did last time, maybe because I was expecting it. I hung out in rag doll for a while, then came the gecko. My inner voice was all: This is stupid. I don’t like this pose, it’s not doing anything for me. I don’t even want to be flexible anyways. Why am I even here? Do I even like yoga? Who comes to class at 9pm? I could be in bed by now, but nooooo, I had to come to yin. Stupid gecko.

Yin brings out a whole different side of me. If I were a superhero and my superhero name was Yogini Girl, or something equally awesome, I think my evil alter ego (or however that works with superheros) would be Whiny Girl. At least I only whine in my head. And on this blog. Lucky you!

Unlike pigeon pose the other day, where, as soon as I came out of it, I was fine, gecko wasn’t as easy to shake off. It took all of supported bridge and part of a twist before I felt human again. After the twist, we came into shoelace, which Mark, the teacher, warned us might be uncomfortable. I could have been all “Here we go again with the Whiny Girl attack”, but I actually like shoelace.

Here is a great picture, for all you visual people, like me. Ok, it’s not a great picture. It’s me doing shoelace pose in my pyjamas on my bed. Not the best place, it’s too smushy. I wanted a picture, so this is it. Also, it’s off-center.

Today is day 5 and I went to another yin class with Ichih. I love Ichih and her classes, but she was in Whistler teaching at the Wanderlust festival, so I haven’t seen her in a while. I was so looking forward to this class, because even though I did yin last night, I knew I couldn’t do a power class today.

It started off easily enough: table pose, some forearm stretches, leg stretches. Just as I was thinking “ahhh…I can relax”. Ichih sets us up for… gecko pose! Are you kidding me? Seriously? Seriously? What’s with all the reptile poses all of a sudden? I could just feel Whiny Girl getting ready to stomp on the next gecko she saw. Stupid reptiles. Ichih said it was normal to feel grumpy. At least I was normal for once..

Does he look happy? No. That’s because he has to live his life in this pose.

Thankfully, apart from my gecko induced Whiny Girl attack, I felt like myself again after fish. Then we did a six movement yoga something. Despite my very vague description, it was wonderful.

After class, my friends Dominique, Jacynthe and I got to put our sticker on the board. There’s a big board with everyone who’s participating in the 30 day challenge’s name on it and we get a sticker for every class we attend. I thought it was a little silly at fist, but I love getting my sticker!

This is us pointing to our names on the board and Ichih pointing to herself because she’s such an awesome teacher!

I would like to end this post with a plea to Jen and Amber : Can you do something about the unnecessary reptlie poses please? It’s your studio, just ban it or something. Thanks!

Also, I would like to add that I wrote this post in two sittings. So my first rant about gecko pose was written before the next gecko pose even happened. I don’t know what this means, I just thought it was worth mentionning.

Some like it hot

I started my 30 day yoga challenge a few days ago, and it made me realize how much I missed the hot room! I was an on and off yogi over the summer, but I am so happy to be back.

Yesterday was day 3 and I went to a noon power flow class with Amber at Pure. I was happy to sleep in a little and I might even have gone to a later class, but since it was a holiday Monday, there wasn’t one. It was a kick-ass class.

The energy in the room was great. It was a packed class and along with one of my favourite teachers giving the class, some of my other favourite teachers were being students. I just love practicing with people I admire, like Jen and Edith. The class was not easy (I don’t think Amber knows that word) but it was fun! The hour flew by and I enjoyed every minute of it. Except the core stuff.

Here I am with Amber and Jen, who are just awesome! Also, I am very sweaty.

Tonight, day 4, I was planning on going to a power class. However, it was day 2 of being back to school with my very small, very demanding, very energetic students, and I was exhausted. I changed my plans to a later yin class. I was just about to leave when I had a feeling I should check the schedule to make sure my mushy, kids-took-all-my-energy brain had the right information. Well. I was wrong. There is a yin class, but it’s later than I thought. It’s from 9 to 10 and I’m worried I might fall asleep on my mat if I go. If I don’t go, however, I’ll do a home practice. There are dangers of falling asleep there too.

If I do go, I have to leave in the next 10 minutes, so you’ll have to check in tomorrow to see how this turns out!

Lock me up and throw away the key

Yesterday was day 2 of my 30 days of yoga challenge. Day 1 kind of kicked my butt, since I had not practiced in so long. My legs were feeling it (still are, actually) and I had a mild case of yoga brain. Well, I thought it was a mild case. Turns out it was a full blown attack!

If you’re not familiar with yoga brain, here is the short version: Yoga brain can be defined as a state of hazy bliss, following a yoga practice. The symptoms, which include forgetfulness, smiling and almost walking into traffic, usually appear after several days of consecutive yoga. However, a return to the practice, following a long absence, will usually result in extreme manisfestations of said symptoms.

Warning, people suffering from yoga brain look normal.

I was looking forward to class, I got there on time, chatted with the girls, then went into the locker room. Here is where the yoga brain took over. I got my mat, towel and water bottle, then put everything else in the locker, locked it and realized my key was inside the locker. The locked locker.

I told Edith, the teacher, and she said we could call someone after class and not to worry. I knew she was right , so I tried to forget about it. The first half of class was a yang style practice, so I flowed, downward dogged and upward dogged and basically tried not to fall over. My brain was pretty busy trying to keep up with my body, so I didn’t think much about the locker incident, as I started referring to it.

However, the second part of class was yin. Once I got in a pose and tried to let go, my brain had more time to wander and wonder if someone would actully come, it was a Sunday after all. I also realized I was not surprised I had done this, I was more surprised that it actually had not happened before. This is classic me, along with walking into walls, waving my arms around and hitting people when I talk and forgetting where I park my car.

I tried to enjoy the rest of class, as I really do like yin. Edith is a great teacher and I always leave her classes feeling happy. We did pigeon, and she said that we store feelings of hate in our hips, so we shouldn’t be surprised if some emotions came up. I thought this was a little silly. For about 10 seconds. After that, I wouldn’t say I felt hate, but I was thinking how dumb pigeon pose is and wondering why we couldn’t do a nice supine twist instead. The longer the pose lasted, the more ridiculous I thought pigeon was. Happily, when we came out of it, those negative thoughts went away and I felt great.

After class, Edith said she would try calling another student, who lives close to the studio and would probably have lock cutters. His number was nowhere to be found, however, and we thought we would have to call a locksmith. This was not good as I would surely have to wait, and pay lots of money for someone to destroy my lock and generally acknowledge what a spaz I was.

We decided to try walking over to see if the other student was home. He was, and he had lock cutters! Five minutes later, I was free! Well, my stuff was. I decided to have confidence in people and assume no one at the yoga studio is out to steal my stuff, so I’m not getting another lock. My brain has done this once, who knows how long it would take for it to happen again.

All’s well that ends well, but remember, beware of the yoga brain! It can strike at any time!