How to be a friendly witch

I love to dress up for Halloween. I used to make my costumes, but it feels like as time goes on, I have less time for things like that. I’m trying to figure out a way to make all of my time work for me, doing things I love. However, I don’t mind buying a Halloween costume instead of making it. There are some great costumes out there!

The only issue I have with women’s Halloween costumes is that they’re all sexy and short! Seriously! Some of us work with children and would like a decent costume. Even the princess and nun costumes had tiny skirts! I decided to go with a cute witch costume, to wich I added a skirt, so I wouldn’t show off my rear end to people.

Since I was going to be a friendly witch, I decided I needed pink hair. I bought a wig and thought it would work. I wasn’t expecting it to be fabulous, because cheap Halloween wigs rarely are, but it was awful! I couldn’t wear it, it looked really, really bad!


I still wanted pink hair, so I googled “How to make hair extensions out of a wig”. Turns out, it’s not that hard.

You need hair clips (the tutorial actually suggested wig clips, but I didn’t have any, it was raining so I didn’t want to go out, and the party was in a few hours.) These worked just fine.


You just need to cut off a strip of the wig, then cut it into the size you want. Then you sew it onto a clip. Voilà! Hair extensions.


Make a few more.


Also, make a huge mess.


The extensions were longer than my hair, but I kind of liked to have long hair again!


I went to my friend Ichih’s house where a bunch of us were meeting up to go to a party. I had to add my witchy accessories.


The party was a lot of fun and everyone’s costumes were great!


For work on Thursday, when it was actually Halloween, I wore a t-shirt under my dress and didn’t bother with the pink hair.



My collegues were also witches, but I don’t think they were the friendly kind!

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I love Halloween!

Sing your heart out

I am lucky enough to have daily doses of bliss at work. I’m a teacher, and every day is an adventure. Sure, last week I tried to sell my students on facebook (As a joke, of course. That kind of thing is frowned upon.), but most days, something will happen to make me feel like the most important person in a small person’s life for that moment.

Today was a great example. Since October, I’ve been working with my students, who are 6 to 9 years old, on a musical. We’ve been singing, dancing and acting every week for months, all to prepare for one big show. Today was the day. The play was “Lili peur de rien” which translates to “Lili’s not afraid of anything“. The kids were flowers, animals, children, a witch and a dragon. I can’t say the whole day was pure bliss, because there’s only so much over-excitement one person can take, but watching them perform on stage tonight, each one of them feeling like a star, made all the practicing, the sewing, the same songs being heard over and over again and repeating “speak loudly” several times a day, worth it a million times over.

I haven’t done yoga today yet, but it doesn’t matter. Yes, today is day 24 of my 30 day yoga challenge (I think), but my day was about so much more than yoga. I’m giving myself 20-30 minutes of practice before I crash on the couch.

Also, I tend to go a little crazy with costumes when I put on a play with my students. This year, I made 2 dresses and a squirrel costume. The other costumes were from previous plays I’ve done. I drove myself nuts making costumes while doing a yoga challenge, but I did complete number 37 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days: Make a dress. Sure, I thought I would make myself a dress, but two kid-size dresses equals one me-size dress.

I’m exhausted, I’m happy and I have a song about a witch stuck in my head. I got flowers from the kids. One mother wrote me a note saying “Thanks for being a part of my daughter’s happiness.” I’d say these are signs of a great day.