What if sloths did yoga?

You know those days where putting on your shoes seems like so much work and you would rather buy new clothes than do laundry? Today was one of those days. It wasn’t a lazy day on purpose, it was more because of lack of energy due to a cold and small children driving me a little crazy.

On a non-challenge day, I would have stayed home and not gone to yoga. Since it is day 20 out of 30, I couldn’t very well miss it. I decided to have a nap, then I asked myself “What would a sloth do?” This was not a good question, because obviously, a sloth would have said “Forget yoga. I’m just going to hang here on my tree. I don’t even come down to pee.”

I made my way to the studio, warned Jen about my sloth-like energy level, then tried not to fall asleep on my mat before class started. I realized I was more like a baby sloth, because they have a little more energy than their parents (I’m guessing). A baby sloth would have made it to class, but might still fall asleep. Plus, they’re way cuter.

This was me on my mat. I like to think my nose is a little smaller.

Jen’s class was awesome. It was more on the chill side that I expected. Not that it was easy. I tried to wimp out on bear pose, but Jen saw me. I was hiding out in the back corner and I kind of looked like this.

I actually did better than I thought I would. I got dizzy at one point and had to sit down, but mostly I felt good. Tired, but happy to be practicing. I ended the class with more energy than when I started. Such is the power of yoga!

Zero-energy yoga

Last night was my last dance/yoga night. I had a pretty strange day. It wasn’t a bad day, but one of those days where the kids took everything I had. My energy, my ability to think, my patience. When I got to dance class, I was tired and I didn’t think I would dance with much enthusiasm. Imagine my surprise when I danced like I was a contestant on “So you think you can dance”!

After that, I was sure yoga would be a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze, but at least possible. There were signs, but I was too tired to see them. I was very giggly. I walked into the yoga studio and thought “It’s kind of hot in here.” I went a little crazy trying to get a bug off my mat. I kept thinking I couldn’t kill it, it was bad karma. Signs.

The class went something like this.

Lay on your back. Humm, I wonder how long we can stay here?

Come up to seated. Already?

Take plank position. Hold for two seconds, then knees to the floor.

Downward dog. Arghh! Downward dog.

Go through a flow. My aha moment: OMG I have no energy!

Chair pose. 3 seconds, then sit on the floor.

Plank position. Have some water.

Full locust. Keep hands on the floor.

Child’s pose for 5 or 6 breaths. Did she say 5 or 6 minutes?

Gecko pose. No way.

Bridge. What?! Not supported bridge?

Savasana. Finally!

I kind of looked like this throughout the whole class.

After my initial moment of panic at realizing that what I had left to give to my practice wasn’t very much at all, I just did what I could. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened before day 11. I was a little disappointed, because this was my first class with Jen, and I heard good things about it. I could tell it was a great class, I just couldn’t really appreciate it. I’m not worried though, I have plenty of days left in my challenge to give it another shot!