How to survive a core flow class

I don’t have a very strong core. I have strong legs and arms, but not my core. That’s ok, because I can work on it and get stronger. The thing is, I don’t like working on my core. I don’t like planks and dolphin push ups and a million boat poses. I don’t need a six pack. The other thing, however, is that I really, really want to do a headstand, a handstand, a forearm stand, and any other inversion. You need a strong core for that.

I’m on day 5 of my 30 day yoga challenge, and the only class I could fit it yesterday, on day 4, was a core flow class. I usually avoid this class, although I love the teacher (hi Amber!). I go to her other classes, but not this one. Except for yesterday. I thought I would put together a helpful little list for anyone who might not know what they’re getting into.

1. Don’t go.

2. See step one.

3. Ok fine. If you’re going, don’t take it too seriously.

4. Ask the teacher to go easy on the core work.

5. When the teacher says “Take it easy, you don’t want to tire yourself out in the first 10 minutes”, listen to her! Also, don’t yell out “What?! It’s only been 10 minutes?!”

6. Do dolphin pose. Do one dolphin pose push up to see what it feels like. Forever avoid dolphin pushups.

7. When you do side plank on your forearm, you can’t adjust your arm without falling down, it’s kind of holding you up. Not that I fell or anything.

8. During the 24 minute plank pose, just hang out on your mat like you’re at the beach and tell yourself everyone is so busy not passing out that nobody will notice.

9. After class, don’t ask your teacher if she noticed you wimped out on most of the poses, because when she says she didn’t notice, you can’t really laugh and say “Haha, just kidding, I did it all!” She won’t believe you.

10. Your abs will hurt the next day when you laugh, even if you only did a third of the planks (that’s still like 32).

11. Go out for dinner with your girlfriends to reward yourself for all your hard work.


Today I went to yin, because there was no way I was doing a power class! I think tomorrow might be a yin-day as well.

I’ve been wearing dresses for my week long dress challenge too. It’s so much easier to wear dresses than to do a core class!

Day 4                                                            Day 5

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The yoga experience

You can go to a yoga class. You show up, do your thing, then leave after savasana. It works. I’ve done it. But you can also have a yoga experience.

A yoga experience happens when you don’t just do yoga, you have a good time. You make a night of it. It’s what your plans are for the evening, not what comes before your plans.

A good yoga experience will start by going to a studio you love, with a friend. Tonight, Julie and I went to Pure. It helps if you know your teacher. We did Amber’s core flow class. Don’t be fooled by her smile, she will torturing us in a few minutes.

Laughing is a big part of the yoga experience. My favourite moment tonight was when I fell out of side plank. I could have been upset with myself, but it was just too funny.  My side plank started off easily enough (meaning I didn’t fall right away).

Then, Amber had us lift our top leg. Because my arm shaking like crazy and sweat dripping into my ear was not enough. That’s when I crashed to the ground. It’s ok, falling is a fun part of the experience.

Julie really enjoyed her airplane tonight. I didn’t do airplane, as I was leaning against a wall trying to remember my name.

Then, after class, the experience continues with a chill out session in the seating area. This is a good time to allow your body to adjust to the yoga brain. Tonight’s yoga brain symptoms included, but were not limited to : walking into a wall, forgetting how to tie my shoes and not knowing where I put my car key (in the same place I always do, of course).

When you think you’re ready to leave, hang out a little more. Chat, take some more pictures. Laugh.

I could not have gotten to day 29 of of my 30 day yoga challenge just by going to class. Tomorrow will be day 30. It will be a wonderful experience!