Stuff yoga teachers say

Yoga teachers talk a lot. I know, it’s their job. I can relate, because I am a teacher too. I teach little kids, not yogis, but I figure trying to get kids to concentrate on multiplication when they would rather be playing outside might be like getting yogis to do dragon pose when they would rather be in child’s pose. I get it. When I do yoga with my students, it goes something like this.

Some of the things yoga teachers have said over the years have really made an impact on my practice. Sometimes, I’m sure I missed a great bit of enlightenment because I was trying not to pass out during my 84th vinyasa, but some  things come up every time I practice.

Yoga’s about how you feel, not how you look. I really wish I could remember who said that. It was a few years ago, and it really changed my approach. It might seem obvious now, but when you’re a beginner and you’re used to looks being a part of it, like dancing, it’s not easy to get away from that.

In our practice, we never want pain, but discomfort? Bring it on! I, like most people, tend to stay away from what makes me uncomfortable. Pointy-toed high heels? Pretty, but I like my toes unsquished. The, “It’s not you, it’s me” conversation? Awkward! So when it comes to yoga, I naturally try to avoid the uncomfortable stuff. Hello, dragon pose. If we stay in our comfortable poses, we will never learn anything. So, I’m working on my dragon.

People who do yoga together, stay together. I like this one because it makes me laugh. It always makes me think that I should not bring people who annoy me to a yoga class, because then I will never get rid of them.

Yoga is about self-acceptance, not self-improvement. This one explains itself.

I’m not sure if my wonderful yoga teachers thought these quotes up themselves or if they were quoting others, but either way, thanks!