Apple pie day

Every year, my mom, my sisters and I get together to make massive amounts of apple pie. Apple pie is fall’s most amazing food. I know everyone goes crazy for all the pumpkin flavored goodies out there (including myself), but let’s face it, there’s no better food than apple pie. This year, we made 22 pies. We froze most of them, to be eaten later, but to be honest, they’ll all be gone by Christmas. That’s how amazing they are.

First, you have to buy or pick many, many apples. These are lobo apples. Some apples are too soft, and then you get mushy pie.


Then, you have to put on a cute apron.

That's my little sister and I. My apron says "Will cook for shoes".

That’s my little sister and I. My apron says “Will cook for shoes”.

You need to peel the many, many apples and make several batches of pie crust.


Those are my mom's hands. she's the pie crust expert.

Those are my mom’s hands. she’s the pie crust expert.


After that, you start assembling pies and you don’t stop until you have 22 (or 3 or 14 or 7, whatever your goal is. We don’t usually have a goal, we just keep going until we run out of ingredients.)






After a while, it’s totally acceptable to stop for wine. We really had to work for it.


But it was worth it.

This is my sister. She loves wine. So do I. Wine is delicious. Apple pie is also delicious. Good thing I don't have to chose only one.

This is my sister. She loves wine. So do I. Wine is delicious. Apple pie is also delicious. Good thing I don’t have to chose only one.


Drinking wine really makes for better pies. Just don’t spill any in the pies, that’s wasteful.


I don’t have a recipe to share because we don’t use one. It’s apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and flour, then repeat, add butter and that’s it. We don’t measure anything. I’m sure of you google “apple pie recipes” you’ll find some, but whatever you do, please, please, don’t use white sugar in an apple pie. That’s just wrong.


It was such a great day, and now we have pie! Everyone should celebrate apple pie day.


My dad is usually there to help. He peels the apples, but he was away this weekend. It’s ok Pop, you can still have pie. We’ll share because we’re nice like that.

The ocean is where I belong

In July, I decided I wanted to take a trip somewhere. Anywhere, really. I went to a travel agency, picked one lucky agent, told her what my budget was and said “Send me somewhere.”

Then, I proceeded to stalk her for days, asking if she had any good deals for me, anywhere exciting to send me. I was hoping for an African safari or a tour of Iceland. My adventurous side was screaming “Egypt!” while my budget was whining “A bus to beach.”

I wanted to leave as soon as possible, but I discovered that the whole “I waited until the last minute to book my trip and I got a great deal!” thing was actually a myth. I decided I needed to be more flexible and added August to my available travel dates. After all, I am off all summer.

I was planning on going by myself, because that’s number 3 on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.

After a few days, I realized I had to adjust my expectations when it came to the destination. What I really wanted was a change of scenery and a plane ride. If you fly somewhere, it’s a real trip. (Not always, but this summer, yes.)

My travel agent suggested Cuba. I said “When do I leave?” I was telling my mom about my awesome deal, and asked her if she wanted to come. I did not expect her to say yes, but she did! This is amazing because number 22 on my list is “Take a trip with my mom”. It’s going to be just the two of us!

Here is where we’ll be for the next week.

I’m going to be completely disconected from technology. No phone, no computer, no Internet. I’m really looking forward to that part. I’m bringing a book (ok, 4 books) and I’m going to relax, drink, read and swim in the ocean. I’m going to do whatever I want to.

See you in a week!

Fringe Festival

I had a great weekend with my mom. She came to the city for her high school reunion and she stayed with me. I love it when she does that! Friday night we went out for dinner on a patio. Can you say “smells like summer”? Last night, she and my dad went to the party,¬†and today, we went to see a show at the Fringe Festival.

What is the Fringe Festival, you ask? Good question. I’m not sure.

It’s a festival that travels to different cities. I believe there is music, and other kinds of shows. The show I saw was called “Vernus says Surprise”. It’s a one-man show.

My mom wanted to go because the guy who wrote and acts in the show grew up next door to her and she hadn’t seen him since they were kids. I was happy to go to spend time with my mom. My aunt and uncle came too. What I wasn’t expecting was that it would be so funny!

It’s about an 89 year old man who tries his best to do ordinary things like answer the phone while battling voice-mail, taking the bus and buying a gift for his granddaughter’s birthday. It’s very entertaining and so funny! He plays an old man very well. It’s also kind of sad and touching at times, when he struggles with teenagers who are impatient and when he gets lost.

Ken, the actor, is bald. My uncle, who came with us, does not have much hair. I think my favourite part was after the show, when a little kid came up to my uncle and said “Hi Ken!”

The only video I could find is a promo for the festival, but watch it if you need a laugh! Also, check to see if the festival is coming to your city, because Vernus is a hoot!

My mom is awesome

You might think your mom is awesome, but you probably haven’t met my mom. She’s the best mom ever.

When I was little, she would let me drink grape juice out of wine glasses and help me build cabins in the woods. She would tie ribbons on my pigtails that were as long as my hair. She would open the door and turn the couch to face outside when there was a storm so we could watch “the show”. To this day, I love storms because of her.

This is my mom with my sister and I, a long, long time ago! I am on the left.

When I was a teenager and other kids thought their parents were weird and did their best to avoid them, I enjoyed following my parents around. I talk a lot, and so does my mom, so we always had things to tell each other.

She has passed on her love of reading to me, for which I will be forever grateful. She has taught me how to cook, how to be an adult and how to think on my own. The greatest compliment I can get is when someone tells me I look like my mom. She is strong, beautiful and everything I want to be.

Je t’aime ma maman d’amour! xxx