A day for the ducks

After a few hot days, it was nice to have a cooler, rainy day. Rain always makes me think of ducks.

Today, a teacher from another school brought over a baby duck that hatched in an incubator in her classroom. At lunchtime, the principal walked around the school with the duckling trailing behind her so the kids could “meet” her.

Meet Sunflower.

She walked around the school¬†eating lint and stuff off the floor like nobody’s business.¬†She was so fluffy! It was like touching a powderpuff.

This is a strange angle, but it’s hard to get on the same level as a baby duck who’s waddling around at warp speed.

This dose of fluffy cuteness was just what I needed! She was making a cute little quacking sound. She’s only 10 days old!

Did your day have a baby duck in it?