Half-moon disaster

Ever have one of those days where you wake up thinking everything will be awesome, and then it isn’t? Yeah. Not fun.

I got up early yesterday morning (9 am is early when you’re on holidays) to go to yoga. A road was closed, so I had to detour. The detour was so long and far away from where I wanted to go that I not only missed my class, I got lost and it took an hour, a closed bridge and another closed road before I made it back home.

Determined not to let this ruin my day, I decided to head out to Pink Lake to take some fun yoga shots. I asked my cousin Annie, who is a photographer, to take some yoga pictures of me, so I thought I’d practice a little.

Last time I took yoga pictures, I hid from people, so they wouln’t see what I was doing. I started off the same way, on a small trail away from the lake, in the only patch of sunlight I could find.


Does this sunlight make my butt look weird?

Half-moon pose. Not the disaster part yet.

Half-moon pose. Not the disaster part yet.

I wasn’t really satisfied with this location, so I headed for the lake, thinking if people saw me, so what.

Sun warrior in the sun.

Sun warrior in the sun.


Upward dog by some trees. I waited until there were no kids around so I wouldn’t set a bad example.

This looks like a slightly more dangerous version of upward dog on a railing, but the water was there in the previous picture, you just can't see it.

This looks like a slightly more dangerous version of upward dog on a railing, but the water was there in the previous picture, you just can’t see it.

So far, everything was great. Then I came to this spot.

Something terrible is about to happen here.

Something terrible is about to happen here.

I set up my camera, hit the timer and went into half-moon pose. This time, I grabbed for my left foot with my left hand, a variation I’ve done before. The worst thing that usually happens is that I lose my balance and fall down. My balance was ok, but as I held my foot, I felt something move, and not in a good way. It felt as though two muscles were pulling away from each other, but I’m thinking it was just one muscle and it wasn’t happy.

This is the picture I got.

See me reaching for my right glute? Not fun, not fun at all.

See me reaching for my right glute? Not fun, not fun at all.

Here is a more detailed photo of my injury.

Talk about pain in the butt.

Talk about pain in the butt.

It wasn’t terrible at the time, it just felt kind of weird, so I took a few more photos. I didn’t attempt half-moon again though.

Crescent lunge.

Crescent lunge.

I didn't dare go into the full expression of camel pose because I didn't know how my butt would take it.

I didn’t dare go into the full expression of camel pose because I didn’t know how my butt would take it.

A little side crow fun stuff.

A little side crow fun stuff.

And that was it. I came home, sat on an ice pack, then spent the next few hours glued to my couch watching Doctor Who. Today, I have to go outside and talk to people, so I’m going to take some advil and hope for the best.

The worst thing about this whole disaster is that I can’t practice yoga for a little while. The horror!! Remember kids, half-moon has hidden dangers. Be aware!

Side Star Superstar

Today is day 10 of my challenge. I’m a third of the way there and I am feeling great! I was talking to a girl at the studio today who said she could never do a 30-day challenge. I know how she feels. I used to feel like that too. I thought there would be reasons not to go to class, or days where I was tired and just stayed home instead. The thing is, not going to class is not an option for me. I decided to do this, and I’m going to give it all I’ve got. So yes, there are days when I’m tired, but the couch will not win.

Even when I feel like this, I’m going to get my butt to class.

I went to Todd’s class at Pure. It was a powerflow class and it was a-ma-zing! I hadn’t done one of Todd’s classes in a while, so I was looking forward to it. It started off right away, with some chair pose, forward bend, flat back, reach up, swan dive down kind of flow. No child’s pose or butterfly pose to start. It kind of threw me at first and I felt a little dizzy, trying to match my breath to the movements.

It didn’t take long however, before we moved into a flow that included side star. I love side star. It doesn’t always love me, but my love is enough for both of us. I usually use a block, as I find it helps my balance. The first time we did it though, Todd said not to use a block and just hover our hand over the ground. I didn’t think I could do this, but surprise, surprise, I can! Sort of. When I was standing on my right foot, it wasn’t so bad. And sure, when I was standing on my left foot, my right foot came down every four seconds, but at least I didn’t fall on my face. (That happened later.)

I sometimes confuse side star with half moon. I think in half moon, you have your hand on the ground, and in side star, you have both arms up. Maybe they’re just variations of the same pose.

This little guy is doing half moon. Imagine his left paw reaching forward so it’s in line with his left leg. Also, his right paw would be parallel to the left one and he would be looking down. It’s not warrior 3, because his chest is still towards the horizon. If you can make sense of this, you can imagine me in side star.

We also did crow, which I enjoy more and more, because I’m finding stillness with more ease every time. I’m working on jumping back into chaturanga, but so far, my feet only get to the middle of my mat and I end up looking like a frog.

Then came boat pose. We had blocks next to our hips, and after going down into low boat (insert lots of shaking here) we would come up, place our hand on our blocks and lift ourselves up. The plan was to swing the crossed legs behind and come up onto the hands in an inversion, but I’m still working on lifting my own weight up with my arms. No swinging yet. At least with the blocks, I don’t feel like my arms are too short to lift me up!

This is not me, but it is what I was doing.

One of my goals is to one day do an inversion. I know I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. We did some arm balance practice stuff. Both forearms flat on the mat, lifting one leg at a time. At one point, I had one leg up and decided to give a little hop with the other. This usually gives me the impression of being upside down for a half-second. It didn’t really work today and I ended up in a neat little pile. This is progress, however, because I usually wind up in an impersonation of a starfish.

I could go on and on about the fun stuff we did in this class. Well, I kind of already did, but there’s more! What surprised me was how serious some people were. This was tough stuff, sure, but it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. There were lots of sighs and frowns. I think some people need to laugh at themselves more, it makes for a much better class!

This is Todd and I after class. I told him I would definitely be back, because I enjoy falling down. Also, I have 20 more days of yoga ahead of me, so I’ll need to laugh, otherwise I’ll go crazy!