Paint me please!

For as long as I can remember, this bookshelf has been in my life. When I was little, it was in our living room. When I was a teen, it was used for storage in the basement. Now, it’s living with me.

I’ve always liked the look and shape of it. However, it was looking dated and old. I decided to give it a lift to make it vintage and awesome instead. Along the way, I discovered a love for painting furniture. Like this piece. I have plans for you, night table, dresser and weird old cabinet by the door. You’re going to look amazing.

But back to the bookshelves.

This is before. It had a lot of stuff on it.



Since I decided on this makeover in November, I had to do it indoors. The living room was going to have to do.


I primed it with an oil-based primer, no need to sand anything.


I added two coast of pretty blue latex paint and voilà! New shelves!







I love how fresh and airy it looks now. It feels like a little bit of summer in my living room all the time. Since it’s February, that’s a great feeling!

Making over my yoga space

When I did my yoga teacher training last July, I learned the importance of having a home practice. Sure, it’s great to take classes, but it’s also good to have your own, self-guided practice. I didn’t have a special space dedicated to yoga, so I decided to create one in my spare bedroom.

My neighbours moved out, new neighbours moved in, and this fantastic, old, wooden, cabinet was left outside. I thought it was just being left out while the moving was getting done, but then I realized it had been out there for weeks, it had been rained on, and basically forgotten. I asked them what they planned to do with it, and they said “We don’t want it, it was left here, we’ll just throw it out.” My heart stopped for a second, thinking that this beautiful piece would end up in the trash. I asked if I could have it and they gladly gave it to me and helped me move it up to the third floor. Lovely people!


It needed a lot of love. Parts of it were painted, parts of it were stained. The wood had swelled from the rain, the doors didn’t close, pieces had fallen off. It’s a good thing I was planning on saving it.



I took the doors off and brought them to my dad. He fixed the broken mesh screen and sanded down the bottom of the doors so they would close again.

I learned how to use wood glue and clamps to try and get it back to it’s original shape. I used plastic wood. I cleaned and sanded it. And then I cleaned it again. There was a lot of dirt and a few bugs too.



My mama came over for a few days to help me pretty it up. She brought the doors my dad had fixed and she had painted. We primed the whole piece with an oil-based primer, then hit it with three coats of sunshine.



I also wanted a wall of picture frames. Different shapes and sizes, but all the same colour. I had a few already, then bought a couple more at a thrift store and one at a decorating store. I set them out on the floor to see what it would look like on the wall. I ended up returning the circular one in the top left corner and replacing it with a lace-like frame instead.


I tried to just spray paint the frames, but it wasn’t sticking, so I primed them using the same oil-based primer I used for the cabinet. It worked really well.


I spray painted the frames indoors, as I live in an apartment and don’t have a yard, but I would recommend doing it outside if you can. It gets pretty stinky. Thankfully, it was summer, so I had all the windows and doors open.


Then, I pulled everything together to create a beautiful, peaceful, zen yoga space. I love it!








It all came together beautifully. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I now have a place to practice whenever I feel like it. It definitely helps to have a designated yoga space if you want to build a home practice. Lately, it’s been mostly used for yin-type yoga, but I also use the space when I plan out the classes I teach. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my mat is calling to me!

Treasure Hunting

Yesterday was a holiday and my mom, my sister and I went on a treasure hunt. There’s a farm close to my sister’s house where the owner collects and buys all sorts of goodies. Antiques, not-so-antiques, windows, bottles, books and teacups. If you’re looking for it, chances are, he’s got it. This weekend was the last time he was open until spring. However, he did say that if we decided we wanted something, we could go back and see him.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. My mom and my sister had been there before, but not me. There were two huge barns filled top to bottom with treasures! We looked around for a couple of hours and could have stayed even longer, but it was getting a little chilly.

See anything you like? I love how there are helmets mixed in with the tables and chairs.


I spy a pretty blue teacup.


Oohh, teapots!


Getting directions on how to navigate the second barn.


Can I interest you in a purple dresser? Or maybe some snowshoes?


May I offer you a chair?


See that one teacup that looks like it might be blue under the dust? One of my treasures! No extra charge for dirt.


I wasn’t looking for books this time, but these were fantastic. I should have bought that pink one because, hello, pink book!


This is a duck cookie jar. How awesome is that?! I can’t believe I didn’t buy this. I should have. Look at her eyes. Plus, she’s wearing an apron. I feel like she would never judge me for eating all the cookies. I have the perfect spot for her too. This would make a fantastic Christmas gift (hint hint mom).


Need a milk pail?


Or maybe a milk bottle?


My mom bought one of these old crockery jars for her new kitchen. Old and new are perfect together.


Need to do some 70’s style entertaining? (I wasn’t actually around in the 70’s, so I’m not sure if this type of glass is from then or not, that’s just the image that comes to mind.)


If I’m ever in the market for a new license plate, I know just where to go.


My mom got a few things for her kitchen, and my sister bought two pieces of furniture with tons of character. I found amazing treasures! A new (to me) teapot and four beautiful vintage teacups. I couldn’t be happier! (Well, maybe a little happier, if I had the duck cookie jar.)

My teapot found a home on a shelf above my stove. I just put the shelf up a few days ago, and I was happy to add this rosebud teapot. I might need another shelf, because several of my teapots are still in the cupoard.


There’s an ugly (but useful) fan on the wall. It was interfering with my teapot vibe, so I covered it up with my Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman album. How perfect, right?


And of course, my teacups!!





Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to drink some tea from a fancy teacup!