Moksha Yoga

Since I found my yoga home, I haven’t been going to other studios very much. Since I became a member at Pure, it doesn’t make much sense to pay another studio for classes when I have unlimited yoga at “home”.

However, Friday night, I went to a karma class with my new friend Emily at the Moksha studio. It was only six dollars, and the money was going to charity, so I was good with that.

I had never done a Moksha class. From what I read on the website, it’s a series of standing postures and then a floor series. It made me think of Bikram, but apparently, Moksha teachers are encouraged to put their own spin on things. I figured for six bucks, I had nothing to lose.

My first impression of the studio was not that great. It was a beautiful lobby, but we were greeted with “Last name?” No hello or anything. We were then asked if we had pre-registered online. We hadn’t and class was full, so we were put on a waiting list. I had no problem with this, since it was not their fault, however, they told us at exactly 7:30 that there was room for us. Class started at 7:30 so we made a mad dash to the changing room, dumped our stuff and tried to be discreet as we entered the hot room. It was the most crowded room I had ever seen. There was no room for us. Finally, the teacher found us spots, but it was the most stressful moment of my day.

My spot turned out to be right by the door. Class started in savasana. Try to relax when all you can imagine is someone walking in and smashing the door into your head. We did a supine twist and were told to cactus our arms since there was no way we were stretching out. I didn’t even have room for cactus arms. I looked like some sad, unwatered house plant.

When the standing series started, I was pleasantly surprised. We did a lot of poses I really enjoy, like tree and eagle. People seemed to really be struggling, but to be honest, the room did not feel that hot to me. The poses felt a little easier than normal, probably because I’m used to flowing between each pose. Obviously, poses like chair and standing splits weren’t a walk in the park, but I didn’t need any breaks.

We actually got a savasana in between the standing poses and the floor series. I wasn’t as worried about a possible door/head collision, but I was still thinking about it.

The floor series was ok. Some cobras, table where you reach back with one arm and hold on to the opposite foot, then some core stuff. More savasana, then the teacher told us to take all the time we needed before heading out. This made me laugh. I could just imagine myself not moving from my spot in front of the door, telling people “I’m not done being zen here. I’m taking the time I need. Please wait.”

I enjoyed the class, but I’m not sure I enjoyed the studio enough to go back. It’s ok, I have Pure, so I’m not yoga-homeless!

Easter yoga

Today is Easter Sunday. I spent most of the day outside, which left me with a lovely sunburn, with white spots where my sunglasses were. Beautiful.

When I decided to do a 30 day yoga challenge, I knew today might be tricky, so on Thursday, I did 2 classes. Technically, I didn’t have to do yoga today. But have to and want to are very different things. I didn’t want to go to a class, but I couldn’t let such perfect day go by without so much as a downward dog. I only spent a few minutes in different postures in the sun, but it made me feel wonderful.

First, I had to test the dock to make sure it would hold me up, as several of the boards have been damaged by the water. Bailey helped me check it out.

I decided to try warrior 1. You will notice that most of my postures look quite wobbly or off center. The dock leaned to one side and it moved too.

Since that worked out ok, I tried warrior 2.

Next, I decided I was ready for a sun salutation. Good thing Bailey was there to make sure I didn’t fall in the river during my forward bend.

This downward dog was a little scary, because I felt like I might fall to one side.

After that, I decided to move to dry land for eagle pose.

I went into crescent lunge next. I see I need to work on my back leg.

To finish my practice, I went into tree pose, one of my favorite postures!

This is my wonderful mom, who took all these lovely pictures.

And of course, can’t forget Bailey!

And that’s it for my first ever Easter yoga. It was fabulous!