Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween! One of the things I love about working with children is getting to dress up for Halloween! This year, I was a bee and I’m a little sad that the day is over, because I would have loved to wear my costume for a lot longer! I go costume shopping with a friend every year, but it’s getting more and more difficult to find a costume that’s acceptable to wear around children. Who decided Halloween was about being as sexy as possible? What about scary or funny? I have to admit, I don’t do “ugly” for Halloween. I would rather be pretty. But come on, sexy everything?

Halloween’s also about candy! No matter how hard I try, I can’t not eat candy. I’ve been trying to be good lately, eating more vegetables and less junk food. It’s funny, because I do yoga, some people assume I’m a health nut. I’m not one of those people who’s all “carrot sticks are nature’s candy.” Candy is candy. However, I do admit it does terrible things to your insides and I’m going to try really hard to eat less sugar.

How was your Halloween?


As of today, I am free until August 27th! No work, no meetings, no lunches to pack, freedom!

The last week has been hectic, what with trying to get everything done and put away for the summer. Add to that cleaning my classroom, a friend’s bridal shower and many dinners and drinks, and you have one exhausted me! It’s ok, because now I have all summer to sleep in and do as much yoga as I want to.

Yesterday, to celebrate our freedom as a team, my fellow teachers and I went to play mini-golf. If you’ve never done this (and really, who hasn’t?) or you haven’t since you were a kid, go! It’s fun and it doesn’t matter how bad you are at it. Well, unless you’re uber-competitive.

My team was awesome. I have no clue what team won, but  that was besides the point anyways. I also got stung by a bee, which was not so great. To be honest, it wasn’t the bee’s fault. It was tiny and I put my finger on it. She didn’t even really sting me, it just pinched a little. Really, I’m just complaining to  get some sympathy here.

These are my awesome team members and me! There was another girl in our team, but I don’t have a picture of her. I was so sure I got everyone. I think the bee incident threw me a little. Also, it was really hot. Like, hot-yoga hot.



I was looking for shade everywhere we went. I like this picture because right next to me was a sign that said “no climbing”. I don’t think sitting-to-avoid-passing-out-from-the-heat equals climbing, but I don’t think I was supposed to be there anyways. I took my chances and it was great.

After our round of golf, we hit up a restaurant for some much needed food and drinks. It’s amazing how fast a strawberry daquiri will go down when you’re hot and tired. It was a really fun time and even though I was beyond icky and exhausted when I got home, I now have all summer to recover. Enjoy your summer!