Bendy straws and popsicle sticks

I could write a book called “Tales of an unflexible yogi”. Instead, I wrote an article for elephant journal.

I was really pleased with this article. I wrote it a couple of weeks ago, before I started my yoga teacher training, and I felt like it really represented how I felt about being a popsicle stick in a bendy straw world.

However, I wasn’t thrilled with the way the piece was edited. It doesn’t feel as much like me anymore. Certain parts are in bold font, or italic, and I feel like it puts emphasis on the wrong words and thoughts. They even changed the title. Also, they spelled my name wrong (but then they fixed it).

I am still happy with the content of the article, and I invite you to read it and tell me what you think!

Will I be the only yoga teacher who can’t touch her toes?

I see this sign every morning on my way to yoga teacher training!

I see this sign every morning on my way to yoga teacher training!

2 thoughts on “Bendy straws and popsicle sticks

  1. Annie says:

    great article — but realisitcally it should read that you’re “not as flexible as those really flexible yoga people” cause if you want to see “non flexible” I should show you how I do yoga 😉 haha. now THAT is not flexible. And I don’t think I shouldn’t do it (realistically – i don’t really do yoga as much as I want to, i do stretching that is like yoga after workouts) anyways — I don’t ever think I shouldn’t do it. I think “goodness, I should do this everyday to get more flexible” though cannot imagine actually getting ‘fully’ flexible! 🙂

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