Mellow yoga

Today, I took the day off (which, when you’re a teacher and it’s June, basically means “I took a sick day to work on report cards” It’s the teacher version of working from home.)

I decided to start my day off right with a yoga class. I didn’t make it to yoga last night, as my students were the oompa loompa’s in another class’ Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory play and I was busy with orange face paint and green wigs. (They were adorable, by the way.) Since I’m doing a 30 day yoga challenge, I can’t afford to miss too many days. Last Friday, I did two classes, so I didn’t fall behind even though I missed last night’s class.

I made it to the studio for the 9:30 class this morning. It was with Mike, and I’ve never done any of his classes because I usually work during the week. It was a yin class and he started off by saying “Welcome to the studio’s most mellow class” and then had us relax is supported fish for ten minutes. Every day should start with ten minutes of supported fish. Pure bliss!

The rest of class was a mix of super relaxing poses, like twists and wide knee child’s pose, and a few more active poses like gecko (yuck) and core stuff.

I’m planning on going to another class tonight, because it’s taught by my friend Ichih and I love her and her classes! It’s another yin class, so I’m declaring today my mellow yoga day. I love flow and power classes, but for a 30 day challenge, it’s good to have a balance between both.

So far, this challenge is going really well. Maybe it’s because I’ve taken a couple of days off from work to keep from feeling rushed all the time, or maybe it’s just because, even before the challenge, I was practicing so often, it’s become my normal. Whatever the reason, I’m enjoying my practice and my challenge very much and I can’t wait until July to start my yoga teacher training!

Have a blissful day!


4 thoughts on “Mellow yoga

  1. braith an' lithe says:

    Wow, where do you teach?! I’ve been a primary teacher for ten years and I’ve never heard of anyone taking a couple of days off to feel less rushed and catch up on report cards. It’d be great if we could get some time to do that but… here you even feel guilty if you’re spending a day at home vomiting because you know there’ll be the hassle and expense of finding someone to cover your class.

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I live in Canada, and to be honest, sick days are meant to be taken when we’re actually sick, but we get 6 a year, and I don’t use them all being sick. I’m ok with taking one for report cards! Happily, school is done now, so no more report cards or sick days for a while!

      • braith an' lithe says:

        We do have some companies here who have a similar quota of days-per-year that you can take off for any reason, I’ve heard them called ‘duvet days’. But not schools. However, we are entitled to occasional compassionate / personal leave. E.g. I was given a couple of days off in term time when I got married!
        Enjoy your summer!

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