Read me a story

A few months ago in class, I tried to get one of my student’s attention. He was reading and he didn’t hear me. I had to repeat his name several times, and when he finally looked at me, he had a dazed look on his face. I told him “I get it, you were reading and your mind is still in the story. I love books too, so I know how it feels.” This led to a discussion with a few students about how much we all love books and reading. I don’t remember if the idea came from me or a student, but we decided to have a reading day. A whole day of nothing but books and reading, no other school work. The kids were so excited!

This was in late winter, so we decided to wait until it was nice enough to read outside. That day was last Friday. The kids worked really hard all week so they could read on Friday. I thought of making them little reading passports, where they could put stickers or stamps, but I decided against it. They were happy to read for the sake of reading, they didn’t need anything else.

We started off with a game of pass-the-book. Each kid picked a book from the ones I had set out on the tables. They sat in a circle and passed the books around while music played. When the music stopped, they had a minute to flip through it and decide if it was a book they would like to read.



Then we took a trip to the library, because no matter how much the kids thought they could sit still and read all day, I knew better. We needed some action.



When everyone had picked out their books, we went to the park to read there for a little while.



After lunch, we headed out on the lawn in front of the school with our books, beach towels, blankets and water bottles.



At one point, there were a bunch of us reading a book about the toe fairy (like the tooth fairy, but with toes). We were all crowded around the book and one kid poked my foot with his finger and asked “Who’s foot is this?”


Yes, that is a small child on my back. She’s like velcro. We were looking at a book about Vikings.


It was a perfect day. I told the kids we could do it again next year.

7 thoughts on “Read me a story

  1. hermanchad says:

    Wow! I get goose bumps from this blog. You have given them a gift like no other gift…the ability and the pure joy of reading. Being an old english teacher, a english lit major and master, and an.avid reader…i love that you’ve shown them something so wonderful. Then you have given them the ability to not just accept what is told to them…but form their own opinipns and ideas. Thank you so much! You are creating positive change and changing this world for the better…youre great and awesome. Thank you for this

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Thank you for those lovely words! I think there’s so much technology in kid’s lives now, some of them don’t know how to aprreciate books. By sharing my love of books with them while they’re young, I hope they grow to love them too. It was wonderful to watch them pick out their books at the library. They were pulling out books for their friends too, which was wonderful. One little girl even asked if she could get a book for her brother. It was a special day for me too, not just the kids!

    • The Bliss Project says:

      It was such a wonderful day! I teach grades 1, 2 and 3 (all together in the same class) and when I said we could do it again next year, the third graders were sad they wouldn’t be able to participate, so I told them they would be invited and they were thrilled! I love that all this joy and excitement came from books and reading!

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