Crazy busy awesomeness

We’ve all seen the quote “Stop the gloryfication of busy.” I agree with it, to a certain degree. If you’re too busy to enjoy yourself, your family and your life, then yeah, it’s too much. However, if your busy is all about living, laughing and experiencing whatever new thing comes your way, then I think busy is a good thing. For example, I am much too busy to worry about housework, but not too busy to spend an hour reading by the water. Make sense? Good.

April was busy for me. (Now that we’re all on the same page about what busy means, you get that it was awesome, right?) Here are some of my favourite moments. Well, moments where I had my camera with me.

Actually trying out something I saw on pinterest.


And my students’ version of this pinteresting flower.


Sugarbush and baby goats.


Making my own pumpkin granola bars. It worked, sort of. Ok, they didn’t taste like granola bars, but they were sugar-free and tasty!


Running again! This time with my friend Suzanne.


Family girl’s night. My aunts trying to make sushi! Lots of laughs.

Lise 044

Girlfriends girl’s night.


Awesome new yoga pants.


First drinks on the patio this year.


Accidental chicken.




One of my best April moments has to be making a video for my yoga teacher training. I asked people to watch it to help me win half the cost of my teacher training tuition. I am overwhelmed by the response I have recieved. I feel very loved and supported. I never would have imagined the views would climb so high, so fast. Thanks to everyone who’s watched and please keep watching!

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