It’s not easy being green

I used to drink a lot of smoothies. I loved it! Until they started making me sick. Well, I thought it was the smoothies, but it turns out it was just the bananas, which my body decided it no longer approved of.

I replaced the bananas with tofu, and it gave me the texture I like. However, after being sick because of smoothies, I no longer wanted to drink them as much, even though I knew these new and improved smoothies would be ok.

Green smoothies seem to be some kind of super food, so I decided I wanted my dose of super power. Since I wasn’t quite sure what it would taste like, I started with a small handfull of baby spinach, frozen berries, apple juice and tofu. Instead of regular ice cubes, I used frozen green tea.


It was no surprise to me that it came out a weird color, because I had not added enough greens to make it really green.


I was a little hesitant, but it was good. I might not use the word delicious, but it was tasty enough! I drank it for breakfast and went on with my day.

After lunch, I started feeling a little nauseated. It did not occur to me that it could be the smoothie, since I had it hours before. As the day went on, I felt worse and worse. I was supposed to meet up with a friend to go running, but the idea of bouncing up and down made my stomach very angry.

I came home and ate a small bowl of rice, hoping eating something would make me feel better. I still wasn’t making the connection to my smoothie.

Later in the evening, while I was debating going to yoga or not (yin, not flow of any kind in this condition), I had a flash of inspiration and looked up the side effects of green smoothies.

Sure enough, there it was “these smoothies might make you feel icky all day”. Well, ok, maybe that’s not exactly what it said, but pretty much. Apparently, my body was detoxifying and that can feel gross. Lovely.

This might be wishful thinking, but I’d like for things that are good for me to actually feel good. Like yoga or not eating sugar.

I know that if I keep it up, eventually, I won’t feel icky. The thing is, I can’t afford to feel like this at work. I need all my energy to do my job properly, so I think I’ll wait until summer before I try going green again.

I did make it to yoga and now I feel better!

Have you had green smoothies before? Did they make you feel awesome or terrible?

4 thoughts on “It’s not easy being green

  1. hopebordeaux says:

    I made a haphazard green-ish smoothie recently (spinach, blueberries, banana, and a little juice) but I found the “drinking spinach” flavor a little weird for me. I prefer all-fruit and want my “good” choices to make me feel good, too!

  2. Renée says:

    Made many. None ever made me icky. I’m surprized your detoxing, because you already eat very well and exercise. The first time I did the “green smoothie challenge” years ago, I actually felt AMAZING. Now, even during periods I’m consistent, sadly It’s doesn’t affect my energy level, but in many other ways (regular, acne clears up, I’m more hydrated). I too make it with green tea instead of or in addition to water and add chia seeds. But even thought I like fresh strawberries and raspberries, I’m not a fan of them in smoothies. I go for black cherries, blueberries and mango. Sébastien loves them.

  3. Annie says:

    yes, i’m with Renee. I can’t imagine YOU were detoxing — the food in there is food you eat. I wonder if maybe it’s the effect of those foods/cold liquids on empty stomachs? that has irked me in the past, though not via green smoothies. (but apples for example, before being gluten free, I could never eat on an empty stomach. and I could not drink water on an emtpy stomach. weird, no?? but cold water even worse. I could feel sick for HOURS.)

    and the juices you love from the juice place… are those green sometimes? or just fruit? you could initiate youself this way? do they offer green juices?

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