The Book Thief

Sometimes, after I’ve read a book, I’m still not sure if I liked it or not. Take Water for elephants. It’s a beautiful story, but it’s cruel too. It was well written and I tell people they should read it, but I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I just finished The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. I bought it based solely on the name. It sounded like something I would love. If I had taken a closer look, I might not have read it. Although I’m not sure I liked it, I am glad I read it. Confusing, I know.

Here are three things about this book that I think you should know before you read it:

1. It takes place in Germany during World War 2

2. The narrator is death

3. The sad moments outnumber the happy moments

It’s about a young girl trying to figure out life in war torn Germany. She is surrounded by people who don’t all believe the same things and who try to do their best, be it hide a Jewish man in their basement or leave the window to their library open so the book thief can “steal” a book.

Death, as a narrator, lets us know how it’s saddened by the state of humanity. It has a job to do, but is not happy about it.

The book is sad, but something kept me reading. I had to know Liesel’s fate. If you’ve read this, please tell me what you thought.

book thief

7 thoughts on “The Book Thief

  1. Annie says:

    oh goodness. three points that would make me run the other way. Adam is going to poland in June with his dad and will visit war historic places such as concentration camps. It’s his actual history. for me, it’s simply history – and STILL i don’t do well with the thought of it all. (well, of course his history is important to me. and his grandfather never made it home from war — and one of his uncle’s has written books on the war (without vodka and without a roof) anyways — i suppose it’s closer than just general history. but STILL.)

    Her name is lovely though 😉

    and that must be some good writting though — death as a narator musn’t be the easiest thing to write.

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Yeah, it was something different for me. I’m like you. It’s history, it happened, but me reading about it won’t change it. I get that it’s different for some people, because it’s had a direct impact on their family, but I like to read for fun, so I usually stay away from books like this.

      Strangely enough, death as a narrator was not spooky or morbid at all. He (It?) was actually quite sad and trying to explain that it was only doing it’s job.

      I reread my books a lot, but I know I won’t read this one again. It was well written and I’m glad I read it, but once was enough.

  2. Isobel says:

    I agree about the book. When I read it, I could not decide if I loved it or loathed it. Then I re-read it and decided I liked it because of that, if that makes any sense. I loved the way it messed with my emotions even though it made me sad. It is a seriously good book.

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