A modified posture is a perfect posture

On Saturday morning, (I use the term morning very losely here. It was noon.) I went to a power flow class at my favourite studio. Sasha was teaching and it was the best class I’ve had in a while. It was my best class, because the teachers always lead an amazing practice, but some days, my energy is low, I’m tired or I’m just not quite as into it. Saturday, it felt like a perfect balance. I was well rested, energetic and motivated.

Something Sasha said really stayed with me. She was explaining how to jump back from crow pose into chaturanga, and then she said “Or just step back. Modified is perfect.”

She’s right. Modified is perfect. We modify postures because we are all at different levels in our practice. Sometimes, we let our ego get in the way and we convince ourselves we can do a posture we’re not ready for, or that our body just can’t do. It’s difficult to find the line between trying our best and pushing too hard. There are postures we can do one day, but not the next. Listening to our body is a major part of yoga.

We also did an awesome arm balance. If you haven’t been reading, you might not know that I love arm balances! We started off in a seated twist, then placed our hands down on the floor and kicked one leg back and the other to the side. I need to work on straightening my legs, but it was fairly easy to get into.

arm balance

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