I need more books!

I do. It’s true. I’m actually not reading a book right now! How crazy is that? I finished my last book on Saturday and I haven’t started another one yet. I have plenty to read, I’m just not feeling inspired. So, you see, I need more books.

This week, the Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish is the top ten authors I would put on my auto-buy list. Are there ten authors whose books I run out and buy as soon as they are published? Absolutely!

1. Alice Hoffman

I’ve mentionned her before. From magic to history to mystery, her books are a mix of everything I love!

2. Sarah Addison Allen

I wish I wrote like her.  There’s magic, love and hope in each book. I can’t get enough. I reread these on a regular basis. A new one is coming out this year, yay!

3. Siobhan Bantwal

Little glimpses of India and Indian culture, both of which fascinate me. Even if one day, I make it to India, I won’t be in people’s lives. Reading these books makes you feel like you know the characters.

4. Gil McNeil

Small town mums raising crazy kids, usually on their own. There’s a familiarity to her books that I enjoy, with enough twists and surprises to keep things interesting!

5. Sophie Kinsella

What’s not to love? It’s awesome reading about someone who’s spending habits are so much worse than mine! Makes me feel better about buying a new dress now and then. Also, my sister’s name is Sophie. I don’t know why this matters, but it does.

6. Tracey Garvis Graves

Ok, so she’s only written one book so far, but I loved it so much, I am anxiously waiting for her next one. I read they were making On the Island into a movie. I can’t wait to see it and say “The book was better.”

7. Charlaine Harris

I started reading these when about 10 of them had already been published. I’m so glad I did! Waiting for a new one to come out once a year is almost painful. Now that there’s a tv show, I can totally hear the character’s voices in my head when I read. I especially love it when Bill says “Sookie“.

8. Kaya McLaren

This is an author I discovered a couple of months ago. I read How I Came to Sparkle Again and I loved it! I totally judge books by their cover and also their names and this one just screamed out Me! Me! Pick me! Read me, I’m fabulous. And it was. I thought this was her only book, but I’ve just found out there’s more. Yay!

9. Catherine Mackenzie

I read her three books, Arranged, Forgotten and Spin. Of the three, Arranged was my favourite. It’s about a girl who signs up for what she thinks is a dating service, but is actually an arranged marriage service! It’s hilarious. Also, the author is Canadian!

10. Jennifer Cruisie

Every time I go to the bookstore, I check to see if she has a new book. I know I could do this online, but nothing beats discovering that an author you love has a new book, and actually buying, at that very moment! If I look online, I’ll have to wait.

I’m sure there are more, but these are the first ten I thought of, in no particular order. Who are some of your favourite authors?


7 thoughts on “I need more books!

  1. Queen Gen says:

    Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett and Garth Nix – because I like comic fantasy and children’s books. Marian Keyes (I love Irish writers). I love the classics too – Austen and Dickens both crack me up.

    I also liked Confessions of a Shopaholic – especially the film because Isla Fisher is both hot and adorable. I can’t say I like Charlaine Harris though. Can’t remember the author’s name of the top of my head but have you read the Stephanie Plum books? Janet Evanovich, that’s her name. She’s hilarious

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I’ve been meaning to read Neil Gaiman, so this is a great reminder! I’ll have to look up the other authors you mentionned too.

      I almost put Janet Evanovich on the list, because I love the Stephanie Plum books, but I’ve only read until the eighth one, so I thought that might be cheating. I’m waiting for a friend to lend me the rest. (Lisa, if you’re reading this, this means you!)

      I also wanted to put Louisa May Alcott on the list, but it’s an “authors who’s new books I run out and buy” list, and I figured she wasn’t going to be publishing a new book anytime soon!

      • Queen Gen says:

        Oh yeah … Jane Austen probably isn’t going to publish anything new anytime soon either. Unless whatsisname who wrote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” does another adaptation of one of her books. Who knows – he might write “Little Women and Werewolves”

      • The Bliss Project says:

        Haha! I haven’t read any of those “Sense and Sensiblity and sea monsters” books, but I think I would read something called Little Women and werewolves! It would be too awesome to pass up.

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