Raspberry bites

I’ve been experimenting with gluten free baking for a while now. However, I’m not a the point where I make my own flour blend, or have different kinds of flour. I buy a pre-made blend. I have realized that not all gluten free flour blends are equals. I found one I really like, from the health food store down the street, but last time I was there, they didn’t have my flour! I went to the bulk barn and bought some there, thinking I got a great deal. Yes, it was cheaper, but I like the other one better. I guess I have expensive taste (when it comes to flour).

I wanted to make raspberry muffins, but not with pieces of raspberries. I don’t like cooked, mushy fruit, unless it’s apples. I found a recipe for vanilla zucchini muffins, and played around with it a little. I pureed frozen raspberries with some frozen, grated zucchini. They are good, but not excellent. I’ll have to keep playing with it before I share. Preferably with my favourite flour.

The batter had a nice colour, but it wasn’t as vibrant as I thought it would be.


Once cooked, the colour wasn’t really noticible. Well, they are kind of purple. But who doesn’t love purple?


Sorry if you came to this post looking for a recipe. I’ll share as soon as I find a way to make them taste amazing!

3 thoughts on “Raspberry bites

  1. imaginationinparenting says:

    I’m going to venture a guess that your expensive flour is much cheaper at a large grocery store 😉 or maybe even my general store! that health food store is pricey! Which mix do you prefer? I really like bob’s and recently i’ve been suing cuisine sol — though it soaks up liquids like there’s no tomorrow. in a weird chemistry sort of way… for muffins it’s great – but for something like pancakes or waffles we keep adding milk and more milk and more milk — it just gets soaked right up. weird. Just curious — do you use xantham gum too? or not? (to replace the effects of gluten in the rise?) i’ve made my own mixes though – or followed recipes for their mixes! I have so many flours it’s borderline crazy.

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I’ve never seen my favourite flour in a regular store! Maybe your store has it. It’s cusine soleil. I’ve never noticed that weird liquid soaking up thing reaction though. I bought xantham gum when I bought my flour at bulk barn, because it didn’t have any in it. The other flour (cuisine soleil) has some in it, I think. I forgot to put in some xanthum gum the other day though, and I didn’t notice a difference. You have too much flour and I don’t have enough! We should have a baking day 🙂

      • imaginationinparenting says:

        I’ve recently read that you can easily omit the xantham gum in baked goods — though it’s necessary in cookie dough for it to form a dough (just an fyi. i think i’m going to start leaving it out mostly. I haven’t tried rolled out cookies yet.) the other thing is that it just might not rise ‘quite as much’ — so you’ll have something a little more dense… but that’s rarely a very bad thing, you know? depends I suppose. Did you make pancakes with that flour? that’s when you’ll see it. I promise 😉 you could try on tuesday for pancake tuesday — though honestly, you could get different flour for pancakes. that would be smarter 😉 Oh and YES — one of our local stores carries that flour but it’s amost 10$ a bag!!!! but I buy it through the buying club i’m part of — it was 7.25$ on special this month. it’s funny – i rarely know what everything costs – but i my jaw dropped when i saw that one locally for that price — that’s why i noticed! and it has Guar Gum I think in it – not xantham – but it’s a similar agent.

        Alexandre is currently gluten free for a trial — and so we’ve been trying a bunch of different ‘things’ this week — I had to find bread (and did!) because I just stopped eating bread basically (i do eat some rarely) but I knew that wouldn’t fly with Alexandre, obviously! but he loves the new bread.

        Oh — and at regular grocery stores — when looking for the gluten free stuff you might need to check the organic section. Well, that flour mix IS organic – but sometimes things aren’t even organic but in the organic section because I think sometimes they secretly label the organic section as “organic/hippy/weird foods.” haha. I know at loblaws in hull the only tofu you can buy is in the organic fridge and it’s not even organic?! as an example. Tahini is in the organic secion at my IGA. cause I suppose it’s hippy ish. haha.

        We should have a baking day 🙂

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