Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween! One of the things I love about working with children is getting to dress up for Halloween! This year, I was a bee and I’m a little sad that the day is over, because I would have loved to wear my costume for a lot longer! I go costume shopping with a friend every year, but it’s getting more and more difficult to find a costume that’s acceptable to wear around children. Who decided Halloween was about being as sexy as possible? What about scary or funny? I have to admit, I don’t do “ugly” for Halloween. I would rather be pretty. But come on, sexy everything?

Halloween’s also about candy! No matter how hard I try, I can’t not eat candy. I’ve been trying to be good lately, eating more vegetables and less junk food. It’s funny, because I do yoga, some people assume I’m a health nut. I’m not one of those people who’s all “carrot sticks are nature’s candy.” Candy is candy. However, I do admit it does terrible things to your insides and I’m going to try really hard to eat less sugar.

How was your Halloween?

One thought on “Trick or treat!

  1. imaginationinparenting says:

    Oh my goodness. Couldn’t agree more about the costumes — I was asking the same questions last week. Really?

    And about the candy.. I could pretend that i think carrot sticks are like candy — but the reality of it is that I don’t like candy. I used to tolerate a few… But what’s the point of eating junk if it’s only kind of tolerated. And now with the possibility of a gluten reaction — I’m having none at all. And I do realize I’m lucky to have that sort of false will power!! Haha.

    I say if you’re going to eat some candy — enjoy those bits at least 🙂

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