99 red balloons

I am very happy with myself right now. Yesterday, I planned out my yoga classes for the week. The first one was a power class today, and I did it. Success!

It was one of the most unusual yoga classes I’ve been too. Why, you ask? Well, maybe because Todd, the teacher, threw each person a red, rubbery, bouncy, ball. A little smaller than a volleyball. Kind of like a dodge ball. Actually, scratch that. I haven’t played dodge ball in 20 years, so I’m in no position to compare my red ball to a dodge ball.

It was kind of like this. Well, I’m not sure what size these are.

Everyone was so calm and adult about the whole thing. They just put their ball to the side and waited. Not me. I bounced my ball as high as I could. Then my ball ran away from me and hit the girl in front of me. She didn’t mind. Well, she smiled, so I think it was all good.

At first it was a regular class, but then we started working with the ball. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but red balls are happy and bouncy and it was not like that at all. No, that happy little red ball was for core work! Core! If you’re thinking, obviously, you know more about core stuff than me. Most people do.

I held that ball between my knees, pushed against it with my abs and also fell of it quite often. Good times, good times.

Actually, even if I felt like I had the core of the Pillsbury dough boy, it was great. I know I need to work on my core, and this was a fun new way to do it.

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