Be The Change Challenge

You know how everyone’s always posting motivational and inspirational quotes everywhere? Ghandi said this, Mother Teresa did this. Yes, they did. They were amazing. But posting a quote about being the change without actually doing anything about it, well that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

I’ve decided to do something about it. I am going to be the change.

A few months aga, my friend Julie and I did a 30-day yoga challenge. We did this for fun, because we wanted to do it together and because we are a little bit crazy. It was a challenge, yes, but it was also amazing and I learned a lot about myself doing it.

Starting September 1st, I am going to be participating in another 30-day yoga challenge, this time with a different goal than “Just to see if I can!” I know I can, so I’m going to use what I have to give back.

My teacher Megan, who is kind of a rockstar, is very generous with her time and her talent. With her and a group of 30ish people, I will Be The Change. The Be The Change Challenge is an event created to help victims of sex trafficking in India. We might not be able to prevent this, but we can raise awareness and help people who suffer more than we can ever imagine. Our first-world problems don’t seem so important when you think about it.

Through the organization, Off the Mat, Into the World, The Be The Change Challenge is an opportunity to help people from the country that gave us yoga. How often do I practice? How often do I take it for granted? I want to use the gift I have been given to help others.

This challenge is about more than yoga and asking people for money. I can’t tell you what it’s all about though, because I have yet to discover it. I’m excited about the discoveries to come, the challenges, the laughs, the friends, the community.

If you would like to donate to the cause, please visit my fundraising website. Help me help someone who needs to know they matter.

And remember, being the change is easier than you think. Maybe you can’t donate, but you can give yout seat up to someone who needs it on the bus. Maybe you can smile to the annoying person in front of you in line. Maybe you can spend time with someone who’s lonely. Think about if you were sad or needed help. How would you like people to react? Do that. Be the Change.

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