Sunshine and Wedding Bells

On Saturday, my friends Julie and Pete got married. It was perfect! I had a great time and I think everyone else did too! It was the first time I was so involved with all the “behind the scenes” stuff, and let me tell you, planning a wedding is not for sissies!

First, as promised, the pictures of my incredible fascinator! I even had people tell me “It’s so Kate Middleton!” Yes! Exactly what I was going for.


Before the ceremony, I did a lot of running around.

– Get flowers from point A to point B.

– Zip the bride into her dress.

– Give the flower girl her basket of flowers.

– Pin the boutonnières on the men.

– Unlock reception hall for the caterer.

Then, it was time for the ceremony. It was beautiful and I cried when they said their vows. I always cry at weddings, but this one touched me more than most.

This is my favourite picture of the day.

After the ceremony, there was a garden party. I think this was the part I was looking forward to the most. I stopped at the store to get a pen for the guest book, because nobody thought to get one, and the only one we found had “funeral home directors” written on it. They didn’t have what I was looking for, but the girls at the store found one in their desk that was a million times better than the funeral pen.

As I got back in my car to head to the garden party, there was a small problem. My car wouldn’t start. This is a long story that deserves it’s own blog post, so more to come on this tomorrow.

At the reception hall, I took a picture of the wedding cake I made. Now, I admit is was a little crooked. I tried so hard to make it level, I even used a level, but it was still a little off. However, it was nowhere near as topsy-turvy as it looks in this picture! It must be the angle or something.

The evening was filled with laughter, good food, excellent cake (if I do say so myself) dancing, lovely speeches and many happy moments!

Lemon cake and Pedicures

My friend Julie is getting married this weekend. Along with the big day comes lots of little get-togethers and happy times.

I’m making Julie’s wedding cake, and she wants lemon, so for the wedding shower, I decided to make three kinds and have people vote on their favourite. I had set them up on cake plates, with little cards that had the kind of cake written on them. There were flowers and the table was beautiful. I wanted to take a picture, but I only thought of it once everyone was already eating! So this is what I got. You get the idea.

There was lemon raspberry, lemon poppy seed and lemon vanilla. Lemon vanilla was the favourite.

After the cake tasting, we went out for dinner. Yes, I know that’s backwards, but hey, we like to keep things interesting. Julie’s wedding colours are yellow and white, so we all dressed in yellow.

Then this afternoon, we went out for a spa day and got manicures and pedicures. They had those amazing chairs that massage your back. We didn’t want to leave! We all had pretty toes when we finally dragged ourselves out of there.

Mine are the pink ones. Surprise, surprise!

Afterwards, we went to a great tea house next door for some tea and cookies. No massaging chairs, but still lovely!

And now, the big day is almost here and I’ll get to wear my awesome hat!

Parliament Hill Yoga

Today is the first Wednesday of my summer holidays. You might think it’s just a regular day, but maybe you haven’t heard of Parliament hill yoga. It’s a yoga class in front of the Parliament buildings. That’s right, the Parliament. Canada is awesome like that.

These classes started six years ago. The first one had 6 people. Today’s class had 768 people. We’re taking over the world! Well, ok, maybe not the world, but Ottawa anyways.

The first class this year was in April or May, I’m not sure. I just know that I couldn’t go! I had to work and I’m not close enough to make it to the hill, get my yoga on, and get back to work during my lunch break. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time, and it didn’t disappoint!

It was a power class, and it was hot. The sun adds a totally different level to the term hot yoga. Thankfully, for the first half of the class, there were wonderful clouds blocking out the sunshine!

I went with some of my friends from work. It’s great to do things together that have nothing to do with work.

We did wheel, and my friend Lisa took my picture. I’m still impressed with myself everytime I do wheel. I was happy to have a picture, because it’s not a pose where you can ever see yourself in the mirror. If you’re in a studio and not outside, of course. So, I’ve noticed that I need to straighten my legs more.

There was still part of the setup from Canada day on the hill, including the stage, so it was a little strange. The lawn usually feels so much bigger. But it still filled me with amazement that these events actually happen and that so many people participate. My friend and teacher Ichih, who is the mastermind behind these fabulous classes, is teaching the August 15th class and is hoping to get 5000 people. Let’s hope we make it!

Peace out, yogis!


Yesterday, I got a message from a girl I used to work with. Her boyfriend is a photographer and she’s getting into it too. They got a new camera lens and needed a model to try it out. Did I want to pose for photos or was I busy? Was I busy? What a question. My goal for the week is to not be busy. Kind of like a counter measure to cancel out all the “crazy busy” moments during the school year.

I have never posed for pictures before, other than school pictures, but I don’t think that counts. Anyways, turns out I’m awesome. Who knew? Actually, I think I made the same face in almost all the pictures, but whatever, I’m not giving up my day job to model so it doesn’t matter. I’m not giving up my non-busy days either.

It was a lot of fun and I thought I would share my favourite shots, so when you see me on a billborad someday, you can say “Hey, I saw the first shots of that girl on her blog before she was famous!” It will be a great moment.

Garden Spells

My mom grew up on a farm. No one “farms” it now, but she and her brothers and sisters still own the land. My mom and my aunts plant a huge garden every year. It’s enormous! They plant the regular stuff like carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers and also more interesting things like asparagus, beets, chard and parsnips. I use the word interesting here instead of saying “things I won’t eat”. They also have huge patches of pumpkins, squash and melons.

On Saturday, my mom and I went over to the farm to check on the garden. Groundhogs eat some of the vegetables and deer really like the melons. Last year, one of them ate a few bites out of almost all the melons. Not the brightest crayon in the box.

It’s still a baby garden, meaning not much is ready yet. The beets are ready. Interesting. The potatoes are also ready. Score! I got some to bring home. I even helped to weed, although most of it had been done already. The garden is bigger than it looks in the pictures. I couldn’t get it all in.

My aunt was there with her granddaughter and we had fun chilling on the tractor. She kept trying to turn the key. That little girl knows what she’s doing!

The title for this post was inspired by one of my favourite books by Sarah Addison Allen. It’s about family, love, magic and a tree that throws apples at people. You really should read it! 

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day. I love this holiday. I am very lucky to live in such a wonderful country. I think sometimes, people forget how good we have it here.

I live minutes away Ottawa and there were festivites going on in different parts of the city. Parliament hill was where it was really happening. I decided to go with some friends to check out the show and see the sea of red and white. There were so many people!

The hill was closed when we got there, as the Prime Minister, the Governor general and other important people were arriving, so we waited across the street for the opening ceremonies to be over. There was a big screen, so we could see what was going on.

There were some speeches, then everyone sang O Canada. I think that was my favourite part. It’s very special to see and hear everyone sing together and right at the end, the Snowbirds flew over the Parliament. The Snowbirds are Canadian Airforces pilots, and they are incredible.

After that, they opened the gate to Parliament hill again, so we could go in and find a spot to watch the show. I think it’s amazing to live in a country where the Parliament is opened to the public and is the site of so many wonderful events.

Many Canadian artists performed, including Simple Plan, Feist and Roch Voisine. There is another show in the evening, with the same artists, but it’s a little longer.

After the show, we decided we had enough of the crowds and the heat and went back to the cottage for dinner. I didn’t take many pictures there, as I was holding the world’s cutest baby for part of the evening. My friend Dalia, who’s 7, took some pictures for me. However, she likes to take close-ups of peoples faces, so we all come out looking somewhat surprised. I did get a few good ones though.

And there you have it. To my fellow Canadians, and my readers from around the world, this is what a perfect Canada Day looks like!