Look at me!

I haven’t been blogging very much lately. I thought, once summer got here, I would have even more time to blog. I do have lots of time, but I’ve been using it differently than when I work. There’s been lots of beach days, cottage time, yoga classes and great books. Cold beer, family time and sleeping in have also taken over my days. I like to call it summer-busy, which means busy doing whatever comes up.

Last Wednesday, I went to a yoga class on Parliament Hill, like I’ve been doing every Wednesday. I think it’s the only scheduled thing I do. Amber, one of my favourite teachers from Pure Yoga Ottawa, was teaching, so I wore my Pure tank top.When I got there, I didn’t see the friends I was going to meet, so I went up to the front to say hello to the girls from the studio.

I didn’t even have time to say hi before one of the girls said “You’re wearing your Pure shirt! Do you want to demo?” To which I replied “Umm, No!” There were 930 people there. Did I want to do the class in front of everyone and have them look at me? No! Of course, I ended up doing it. There were about 7 or 8 people in the front, so it wasn’t like everyone was looking at me. At least, that’s what I told myself.

Turns out, I just did the class like I normally would, except I was in front of 930 people instead of hiding in the back and I couldn’t very well wimp out on plank pose. Amber really likes plank pose.

I had my camera with me like I always do, but I didn’t take any pictures because I thought it would be weird. I got a few off the lululemon facebook page, as it’s very difficult for me to write a post and not include pictures!

4 thoughts on “Look at me!

  1. Ariel Price says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I would love to do that! And good job getting up there in front of that many people. There’s no WAY I would’ve done it.

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