My big white truck

Yesterday, when I wrote about Julie and Pete’s wedding, I mentionned that I had some car trouble during the day. It really turned into quite the adventure!

Before I start this story, I have to say that I’ve always been jealous of people who name their cars. I love my car, and I’ve had her for years, but I could never figure out a name. Julie calls her car The Peanut and my friend Suzanne called her old car Putt-Putt. Then, last night, I saw the Katy Perry movie and I really enjoyed it. After the movie, I had a flash of inspiration. My car is blue. Katy Perry has blue hair. There you go. My car’s name is Katy Perry.

Between the ceremony and the garden party, I stopped at the store and when I went back to my car, it wouldn’t start. It made a weird tr-tr-tr-tr noise. I got out and stood in the street in my heels and fascinator (and my dress, of course) looking at my car asking her what the problem was. Obviously, I didn’t get an answer so I went back into the hardware store and said “My car won’t start!” Now, I was in the country, in a town close to where I grew up and the owner of the hardware store knows my dad. I would not have walked into a store to tell people my car was having a hissy fit if I was in the city.

Ronnie, the hardware store owner, tried to start it but it made the tr-tr-tr-tr sound again. So I did what any girl would do. I called my dad. He came to check it out and tried to give me a boost.

Unfortunately, Katy Perry was not interested. Ronnie, in an amazing act of small-town kindness, offered to lend me one of the store’s trucks. I do not often drive trucks. As in, never. But I needed to get to the reception, as I had pretty much missed the garden party, so I said yes please! My dad took my keys and said he would try to figure something out while I was at the wedding.

I looked pretty cool crusing the streets in my awesome ride, not to mention the feathers.

I felt like I was driving a bus. It was so much wider than my little car! But also, I felt like a rockstar. Here is one more picture so you can fully grasp how huge it was.

Also, as a plus (as if driving this amazing beast not enough!) my dad and my uncle figured out that my battery was dead and they put a new one in my car and drove it home.

Lessons to be learned from this story:

– Always have your dad on speed dial.

– Trucks are awesome.

– Don’t stress out if your car won’t start, maybe it’s just your battery.

– Some people are just really nice for no reason!

– Every situation can be turned into a photo op.

– Naming your car after a pop star might make people think you’re crazy. Ignore them, you’re fabulous.

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