Parliament Hill Yoga

Today is the first Wednesday of my summer holidays. You might think it’s just a regular day, but maybe you haven’t heard of Parliament hill yoga. It’s a yoga class in front of the Parliament buildings. That’s right, the Parliament. Canada is awesome like that.

These classes started six years ago. The first one had 6 people. Today’s class had 768 people. We’re taking over the world! Well, ok, maybe not the world, but Ottawa anyways.

The first class this year was in April or May, I’m not sure. I just know that I couldn’t go! I had to work and I’m not close enough to make it to the hill, get my yoga on, and get back to work during my lunch break. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time, and it didn’t disappoint!

It was a power class, and it was hot. The sun adds a totally different level to the term hot yoga. Thankfully, for the first half of the class, there were wonderful clouds blocking out the sunshine!

I went with some of my friends from work. It’s great to do things together that have nothing to do with work.

We did wheel, and my friend Lisa took my picture. I’m still impressed with myself everytime I do wheel. I was happy to have a picture, because it’s not a pose where you can ever see yourself in the mirror. If you’re in a studio and not outside, of course. So, I’ve noticed that I need to straighten my legs more.

There was still part of the setup from Canada day on the hill, including the stage, so it was a little strange. The lawn usually feels so much bigger. But it still filled me with amazement that these events actually happen and that so many people participate. My friend and teacher Ichih, who is the mastermind behind these fabulous classes, is teaching the August 15th class and is hoping to get 5000 people. Let’s hope we make it!

Peace out, yogis!

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