Yesterday, I got a message from a girl I used to work with. Her boyfriend is a photographer and she’s getting into it too. They got a new camera lens and needed a model to try it out. Did I want to pose for photos or was I busy? Was I busy? What a question. My goal for the week is to not be busy. Kind of like a counter measure to cancel out all the “crazy busy” moments during the school year.

I have never posed for pictures before, other than school pictures, but I don’t think that counts. Anyways, turns out I’m awesome. Who knew? Actually, I think I made the same face in almost all the pictures, but whatever, I’m not giving up my day job to model so it doesn’t matter. I’m not giving up my non-busy days either.

It was a lot of fun and I thought I would share my favourite shots, so when you see me on a billborad someday, you can say “Hey, I saw the first shots of that girl on her blog before she was famous!” It will be a great moment.

4 thoughts on “Supermodel

  1. Kath Thompson says:

    Oh Beautiful!! My faves are #2 and #3. Those wicked vixen eyes in #2 are amazing, and the soft sweetness of #3 makes you look like a water spirit. Fabulous! You are so photogenic!

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