Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day. I love this holiday. I am very lucky to live in such a wonderful country. I think sometimes, people forget how good we have it here.

I live minutes away Ottawa and there were festivites going on in different parts of the city. Parliament hill was where it was really happening. I decided to go with some friends to check out the show and see the sea of red and white. There were so many people!

The hill was closed when we got there, as the Prime Minister, the Governor general and other important people were arriving, so we waited across the street for the opening ceremonies to be over. There was a big screen, so we could see what was going on.

There were some speeches, then everyone sang O Canada. I think that was my favourite part. It’s very special to see and hear everyone sing together and right at the end, the Snowbirds flew over the Parliament. The Snowbirds are Canadian Airforces pilots, and they are incredible.

After that, they opened the gate to Parliament hill again, so we could go in and find a spot to watch the show. I think it’s amazing to live in a country where the Parliament is opened to the public and is the site of so many wonderful events.

Many Canadian artists performed, including Simple Plan, Feist and Roch Voisine. There is another show in the evening, with the same artists, but it’s a little longer.

After the show, we decided we had enough of the crowds and the heat and went back to the cottage for dinner. I didn’t take many pictures there, as I was holding the world’s cutest baby for part of the evening. My friend Dalia, who’s 7, took some pictures for me. However, she likes to take close-ups of peoples faces, so we all come out looking somewhat surprised. I did get a few good ones though.

And there you have it. To my fellow Canadians, and my readers from around the world, this is what a perfect Canada Day looks like!

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