I can’t do this, but I’m doing it anyways

Today is a holiday in Québec. Good thing, too, because I have to go back to work for three whole days before I’m off for the summer. I really needed a long weekend. Haha, ok, enough with the being funny. As you can tell, I’m pretty happy to be almost free!

I haven’t been to a yoga class in two weeks, what with the heat, the dressing up as Cleopatra and the end of the school year. I was aiming for the 9:30 class this morning, but that turned into the 12 o’clock class. Much better.

First of all, I forgot my mat, due to the fact that my brain has started to replace the yoga info section with the many ways to keep calm and not throw your students out the window on the last day of school info. Hopefully, my brain and I can go back to the yoga zone soon, as I will not see my lovely students untill September.

When I walked in to the hot room, it had that hot-yoga smell. And no, it’s not a yucky, icky, sweat smell. It’s more of an “ahhhhh, I get to spend an hour on myself” smell. Ok, there is a bit of sweaty mat smell in there, but only a little! I felt like I did the first time I walked into that room. Two weeks sure can feel like a long time when it’s two weeks without yoga.

The class was powerflow with Jen, and it was hard! But, “good hard” as Jen puts it. The first part was the most difficult. Going through the vinyasas and holding plank pose, I felt like I was starting over from the begining.

The second part was just as hard, but also lots of fun. We did crow pose and I’m happy to report that I held it for the longest time ever, in my whole life. I really have no clue how long it was, because there was no way I was going to try counting on top of all the balancing and the avoiding of the falling on my face. I just know that, not only did I get both feet up, I found some stillness and balance. Woohoo!

Then, Jen said that if we were comfortable in our crow pose, which I was (how amazing is that?!) we could try jumping back into chaturanga. Well, why not? I tried, and ended with the most amazing face plant of my life. Really, it was quite spectacular. Then Jen suggested that I try only one leg, to see if that helped. I guess face-planting doesn’t have a sanskrit name. I tried again, with one leg, and was rewarded with a spectacular belly-flop. I mean really, it was quite the accomplishment. No one else can belly-flop quite like me. Not today anyways. To be fair to myself and my attemps at all this crazy jumping stuff, not many people tried, so I was pretty proud that I gave it a shot, even if the results were less than perfect.

After this wonderful display of my falling abilities, Jen got us (well, again, not many people tried) to do flying crow pose. I’ve tried this before, and it’s not pretty. But I figured I was on a roll, so why not go all out. Well. In between the falling, the slipping and the slow-motion tipping to one side, I did it. Kind of. I still had my back toes touching the floor, but I kind of got my other leg up on my arm and held it for maybe half a second. Success!

Jen said that once I get the feel for it, I’ll be able to do it. I actually believe her, because she got me into my first wheel, and now I can do that pretty easily.

Last time I tried to get a picture of Jen and I, they got stuck inside my phone forever, so this time, I used my camera!

I cannot wait untill my holidays, when I can do yoga every day, sleep in and go to the beach. Bliss!

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