Fringe Festival

I had a great weekend with my mom. She came to the city for her high school reunion and she stayed with me. I love it when she does that! Friday night we went out for dinner on a patio. Can you say “smells like summer”? Last night, she and my dad went to the party, and today, we went to see a show at the Fringe Festival.

What is the Fringe Festival, you ask? Good question. I’m not sure.

It’s a festival that travels to different cities. I believe there is music, and other kinds of shows. The show I saw was called “Vernus says Surprise”. It’s a one-man show.

My mom wanted to go because the guy who wrote and acts in the show grew up next door to her and she hadn’t seen him since they were kids. I was happy to go to spend time with my mom. My aunt and uncle came too. What I wasn’t expecting was that it would be so funny!

It’s about an 89 year old man who tries his best to do ordinary things like answer the phone while battling voice-mail, taking the bus and buying a gift for his granddaughter’s birthday. It’s very entertaining and so funny! He plays an old man very well. It’s also kind of sad and touching at times, when he struggles with teenagers who are impatient and when he gets lost.

Ken, the actor, is bald. My uncle, who came with us, does not have much hair. I think my favourite part was after the show, when a little kid came up to my uncle and said “Hi Ken!”

The only video I could find is a promo for the festival, but watch it if you need a laugh! Also, check to see if the festival is coming to your city, because Vernus is a hoot!

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