Walk like an Egyptian

Today was the first day of the last week of the school year. Every year, my collegues and I, who teach the 6 to 9 year olds, end the year with a big theme. Last year it was pirates. The year before that, the Incas. This year, it’s Ancient Egypt.

Today was our last big hurrah. We had different “Egyptian” activities. I liked it because I got to dress up as Cleopatra.

There is a pile of boxes beside me (it’s not garbage)¬†because one activity was building a pyramid out of boxes.

The kids also had to mummify each other with toilet paper, cross the Nile without getting eaten by crocodiles, play a game where they were the game pieces and fill buckets with water using a plate.

They also got to hunt a hippopotomus with a bow and arrow.

Admit it, don’t you wish your day had a hippo in it?

This is my awesome team of Egyptian-for-the-day collegues.

I didn’t have “dress up as Cleopatra” on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, but if you write a list, I suggest you add it. It really made my day!

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