Express yourself

Last night, I got to shake my groove thing and sing my heart out to the music of Madonna. Where was I, you ask? At a yoga class of course! Every few months, my favourite teacher Natalie has this amazing event called a Madonna Flow Party! Last time, my friend Julie and I dressed up, 80’s style. This time, I just went with crimped hair and a bow. (And my regular yoga clothes, obviously. I wasn’t naked or anything.)  My friend Steph came too and she wore a bow as well.

This is Natalie and I. She’s so cool.

Working the pink lace gloves.

With Steph and Julie working our bows and gloves.

Then, after all the picture taking and the warm-up dancing (I started dancing as soon as I walked in: dancing while I layed out my mat, dancing while I put my money in the donation bag, dancing while getting a block, dancing while filling up my water bottle. You get the picture.) the actual yoga started. It’s an ashtanga based class. The only ashtanga I’ve ever done is to Madonna music, so to me, it’s like a party every time!

This is easier to do when you’re singing Lucky Star.

No matter how tired I am, or how lousy a day or a week I’ve had, this class is an instant mood-booster. It’s the cupcake of yoga classes. How can you not smile while singing Like a virgin?

This is Natalie and I’s sweaty after picture. Smiling even more than in the before picture, I think!

The event is always to raise money for a charity and this time it was for the Global Seva Challenge. Megan, a yoga teacher at my second home, Pure yoga, is an ambassador for the charity. The 108 sun salutations I did last week was to raise money for the same charity.

After all the dancing and the singing and of course, the yoga, we slowed it down with a forward fold before savasana. During the forward fold, Natalie said something thst really stuck with me “Go within so you don’t have to go without.” I was thinking about this during savasana when I heard Natalie and her husband Mike, our dj, getting ready to say something. I thought they were going to chant. They did. It was “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.” I laughed so hard I thought I might pass out.

It really was the perfect Friday night!

10 thoughts on “Express yourself

  1. Amy French says:

    This looks like sooooo much fun! I’ve practised yoga for a few years now (various classes, at gyms, on DVD and most fun of all in the park in the sunshine) but NEVER have I seen Madonna flow yoga!

    • The Bliss Project says:

      It is so much fun, it’s better than a water ballon fight.

      Why don’t you like yoga? It’s the bomb dot com! Also, I like that you’re impressed. It makes me feel important when I impress people. Thanks 😉

      • Queen Gen says:

        I think I don’t like yoga because I am not a flexible, meditative, relaxing type person. I never got very good at yoga so it was just a bit frustrating for me. I prefer pilates. Or bellydancing.

      • The Bliss Project says:

        Oooh, bellydancing! I used to bellydance, but then I kind of moved on to other things, I guess. One of my yoga teachers invited me to her bellydancing show this week, and now this comment…I think the universe is telling me (through you) that I need to dance again!

      • Queen Gen says:

        It’s pretty fun. I’m no good at it, of course, and don’t like to perform – but the dance classes themselves are just so fantastic.

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