So lovely!

Lovely is a great word. I’ve sung the praises of fabulous before, but lovely is right up there with the best words ever. I mean, it’s got love in it! Lovely is buttery lemon scones and hats with feathers. It’s lace and lilacs and twirly skirts. And, according to two lovely ladies, this blog is also lovely! Miss Four Eyes and Live Passionately Tonight  have both nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks girls!

I’m now meant to share 7 things about myself. Lovely, since I do like talking about myself!

1. I wish the crimped hair look would come back. Maybe I’ll bring it back myself. Who’s with me?

2. I danced in a flashmob last year for Canada day. I almost melted, it was so hot, and you can’t see me in the video, but it was awesome! That’s me with the red ribbon around my ponytail.

3. I make a mean apple pie. Every year, my mom, my sisters, my grandmother and I make a whole bunch. Last year we made 22 in one day.

4. I like to decorate cakes.

5. I have a dress addiction. I thought about getting help, but I don’t want too.

6. My sister and I ran all over Ireland trying to pet a sheep. We finally did, but in Scotland. Then, when we came back to Canada, we were asked if we had touched any livestock….

7. I don’t consider myself to be very athletic, but I did a triathlon last June. I was pretty proud of myself! I still am, actually. I also think everyone should wear a wetsuit at least once in their lives to appreciate how good they look without it.

And now, to nominate 7 great bloggers for the One Lovely Blog award:

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Running and Cupcakes

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Heavy Metta

30 days of yoga … 1 day at a time

Have fun checking out these lovely blogs!

11 thoughts on “So lovely!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Despite all my pleading and the fact that I owned about 6 Barbie dolls with crimped hair, my mother would just NOT let me get my hair crimped. Probably a good idea looking back, as I had naturally wavy hair, and the result probably would have been disastrous.

    Also, I LOVE the castle cake! (Mostly for the cones. I love me some sugar cones.)

  2. C says:

    Congrats in your nomination and thank you for tagging me!!! Your blog certainly is lovely 🙂

    So I can’t help but wonder: what do you do with all those apple pies??

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