Wiaw and Rainbows

Today is my first wiaw. We what? What I Ate Wednesday. It’s this thing bloggers do. You write about what you ate during the day. I saw it on Sam’s blog Fit for my Fork, and if I understand correctly, it was created by Peas and Crayons. When I saw this, I decided to try. Last Wednesday, I forgot, so today was the day!

I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this at first, because my blog’s not really about food. I don’t have a particular approach to food, except “try to make healthy choices and don’t eat all the brownies”. But hey, this blog is about trying new things. Also, I really like taking pictures.

It was a strange day to do this, because I worked from home this morning, and that never happens when you’re a teacher unless you want 19 small people putting their sticky fingers all over your stuff and their feet on your couch. Also, I ate out. Normally, I make my lunch. It was either do it on this weird day or wait another week. Since I was pretty proud that I remembered to do it today, I didn’t want to waste that.

Breakfast 9:30

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, an apple and tea with milk. I don’t normally eat peanut butter for breakfast on weekdays, because there is a student in my class who is allergic and I’m always afraid I’ll contaminate something and I’ll have to use an epi-pen. That terrifies me, so I stay away.

Lunch 12:00

Chicken panini on brown bread, lime flavoured Italian soda and a delicious cinnamon pastry thing. I met my friend Julie for lunch at the café next to the school. We actually work together, but since I was at home this morning, we met there. This meal was seriously lacking colour, but it was quite tasty.

We ate outside, which is great for my 30 x 30 challenge.

At the end of the school day, I told the kids we could spend the last half-hour outside, since it was such a nice day. I climbed on the monkey bars, and played soccer and tag. All while wearing a dress and flip-flops. I was terrible at soccer. It’s crazy how much more winded I was than when I go for a run. I think I need to play tag more often.

Snack (early dinner?) 4:30

Tomato and cucumber salad, cheese and crackers. When I go to yoga, which is most days, I don’t eat a big dinner. I don’t want to eat to much before class, and after class, I’m usually not that hungry anymore.

My friend Suzanne and I have a Wednesday yoga date with my favourite teacher, Natalie. When I drive Suzanne home, we always go by this really amazing garden and we decided we would stop and enjoy the flowers today after class. However, it was raining when we left the studio, so we went to Starbucks.

Snack 7:30

Non-fat chai latte and lemon poppyseed loaf.

You have to love the rain/yoga hair. Don’t fight it, embrace it.

When we left Starbucks, it was still raining, but by this point we were past caring. I was in the middle of saying something when I got so excited I forgot how to talk. I was jumping around in the puddles and kind of squeeling. What had me so excited? Well, if you read the title of this post, you might have figured it out. Rainbows! Not just one. Two! It was like Rainbow Bright and Care Bears and Leprechauns all at once.

Suzanne almost choked, she was laughing at me so much. I took some pictures, but my camera is not equipped to capture such magic. I am going to share anyways, otherwise I would feel like I was cheating you all out of this amazing moment.

You can’t really see the second rainbow so much.

Peace, love and rainbows!


5 thoughts on “Wiaw and Rainbows

  1. Suzanne says:

    I like the photos of your food, it gives us a glimpse into your day. It’s like I’m stalking you or something. hahaha. Also, you can’t even tell in that posed Starbucks photo that our cups are in fact empty 🙂

  2. imaginationinparenting says:

    that’s my favorite starbucks treat. or was. I cut wheat and just the other day I went to the library with JUST Juliette and thought ‘i could get a starbucks treat… oh crap. i can’t eat the lemon popyseed loaf anymore!!’ so I skipped it all together. Though my chai is just regular. I’m not a fan of no fat anything.

    I thought of you today — we spent the day at upper canada village — doing at least 15 days worth of your 30×30 challenge 😉

    Oh — and yesterday I saw the same rainbows. super bright, double rainbow. and all I had was my ipod. so my photos are crummy! but it’s the experience of a rainbow that counts 😉


    • The Bliss Project says:

      Why did you cut wheat? I don’t think I could do that. I would cut chocolate before I did that (I know you don’t like chocolate, but I do!)

      I would have loved to go to Upper Canada village! I used to love that place. Is it still as awesome as it was when we were kids?

      I agree with you, it’s the experience of the rainbow that counts! Today, I did yoga outside and at one point, the girl next to me said “oh look, a rainbow!” I looked, but I couldn’t see anything. Then she said “Oh wait, it’s only my sunglasses!”

      • imaginationinparenting says:

        haha drole!

        the wheat — i’ve developped an intolerance. it seems rediculous — and I was trying to convince myself that it wasn’t true — but I had cake on Friday and I KNOW now that’s it’s very (very) true. I’m still feeling the effects this morning. it’s HORRIBLE. but at least there are substitution for wheat — like cake and bread isn’t fully off the table (though kind of. bread is VERY different without wheat) and I LOVE bread. and cake. ugh. but these side effects are NOT something i’d like to live with… For me — the worse would be cheese. if I had to give up dairy i’d be MISERABLE.

        I’ve only been to upper canada village as a maman — and YES — it’s quite amazing for kids. mine LOVE it. They keep talking about being flour inspectors and such — they loved it. and they’re planning our next trip! if it’s during summer vacation — i’ll let you know when we go 🙂

        I saw your photos of yoga in the street 🙂

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