Super Saturday Flow

I went to an amazing flow class this morning. Well, it was actually at 12, but since it’s Saturday, that’s considered morning. It was with Jen at Pure. This is good because Jen is one of my favourite teachers and Pure is one of my favourite places to be!

I was amazed at how my energy level was so much higher than when I go to a class after work. This turned out to be a great thing because Jen had all kinds of things for me to try. Well, for the whole class, but it felt like it was all for me.

We did crow pose. Awesome, because I can do this one now!

Then we did flying crow pose. I ended up looking an actual crow who has flown into a window, as I was always falling to the side. To keep things interesting, I alternated between falling to the right and falling to the left.

Then Jen said we would be doing some forearm balancing postures. She came up to me and said “I’m doing this for you!” It’s a really great feeling when your yoga teacher becomes your friend and she does whatever she can to help you achieve your ultimate yogic goal. In my case, it’s an inversion.

I tried to bring as much weight as I could into my arms and kicked up. Jen held my legs up. I actually don’t think they went all the way up, but it was fun. Then, when we did it again, I think I got overexcited and kind of gave a little hop, which made my right arm move off the mat. There was no saving this one and I ended up in a sweaty pile on my mat.

I could have kept going, but there were other people in the class who might not have been quite as interested by my attempt at a forearm stand, although I’m sure it was very entertaining to watch.

I also did bird of paradise, which I really enjoy, even if it’s another pose that gets me tangled up. I did wheel again too. That was a lot of fun, because I did my first wheel in Jen’s class. Now, I’m like a wheel expert. Ok, I’m not, but I can do it most of the time.

After class, I saw this on another yoga teacher’s facebook wall, and I felt like it was written for me!

I wanted a picture of Jen and I to post here, but I forgot my camera. We took some with my phone, lovely yoga hair and all, but I can’t figure out how to get them out of my phone. True story.

When I came home, all I wanted was a hot shower, but I knew that if I didn’t spend my 30 minutes outside right away, then I probably wouldn’t do it at all. I was already wet and sweaty, so I figured running in the rain wouldn’t be that bad. There’s a park close to my place, but it only takes about 5 minutes to run through it, as there are only 2 paths. Actually, it’s more like 1 and a half. One of them leads nowhere. I didn’t really want to run in circles, so I didn’t stay in the park, but I looped back at the end of my run to go through it one more time and I walked, to make it last longer.

I could smell the trees and the leaves like you can only when it’s raining. I saw some very pretty flowers I considered picking. I’ve done it before, even though I’m not sure it’s allowed. I know, I’m such a rebel. Outlawed flower picking.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Super Saturday Flow

  1. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    I love the way the world looks after the rain! I even like the warm smell of the concrete when it’s been raining. Is that weird? I love your pictures in this post – they made me laugh! I tend to look like that little duck when we try to do shoulderstands… I just fall right down onto my back!

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