30 x 30 challenge

Challenges work for me, otherwise I get lazy. Someone mentionned this challenge to my mom, thinking I might like it, and I do! It’s a 30 day challenge for the month of June. Every day, you spend 30 minutes in nature. It’s a David Suzuki thing. David Suzuki is a Canadian nature superhero. He’s been green since before it was cool. Kind of like Kermit the frog.

Here is a short video explaining the challenge.

I talked to my friend Julie about it, and she’s interested too. That’s good, because it’s always better to have a challenge buddy. However, we live in the city and neither of us even has yards. We decided to make it a 30 minutes outside challenge, not necessarily nature.

I have to admit, I kind of got off to a bad start as I did not spend 30 minutes outside today. It’s raining and it’s cold. This might turn out to be a fair-weather thing. I’m hoping it motivates me to go running more often.

On a side note, I went to a really great, hot, hot yoga class tonight and I learned something about myself. Every time I do chair pose, I fix my hair. Or I need a drink of water. Or I adjust the straps on my top. I do the low sitting part, but I bring my arms down. Maybe I have weak arms. Or maybe, just maybe, my arms are fine and my mind is going “Oh no! Arms are so heavy. Better let them fall.” I can’t say I’m looking forward to chair pose, exactly, but I’ll be ready for it next time.

The teacher in me really wishes lolcats would learn to spell, but they’re just so cute!

8 thoughts on “30 x 30 challenge

  1. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    Yeaaaah David Suzuki! He is a bit of a national nature superhero isn’t he? My stepmom and half-sister, who was I think about four at the time, were walking around Lost Lagoon in Vancouver and stopped to look at some turtles when this nice man walked past and proceeded to tell them more than they needed to know about said turtles. She didn’t realize until she took a good look at him that it was David Suzuki! He’s the type of person you always see on TV but could probably still run into at the grocery store – I like national superheroes like that 🙂

  2. imaginationinparenting says:

    um… yes, I think you were supposed to do it in the rain anyways 🙂 haha. I’d say we’ll join — but we’d have to stretch that to way more than 30 min since as a goal we try to spent AT LEAST one hour outside everyday. we’re not always successful, but rare are the days we don’t spend at least 30 min. You can come visit — we have a large yard AND lots of gardening to do 🙂

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