Tiny yoga people

It’s almost the end of the school year. That means kids who would rather be out playing soccer than doing math worksheets and teachers who would rather be running than grading papers. There’s a crazy energy in the air. It’s like we can all smell the summer holidays.

My students, understandably, are driving me nuts. They’re great kids, but they are hot and tired. They come in after recess all sweaty and sticky. I find myself annoying, always asking them to wash their hands and to stop talking, so I can only imagine what they’re thinking. But, like I said, they’re great kids, so none of them would ever tell me I’m annoying.

I decided we needed something fun, yet calming, at the end of the school day. I suggested yoga. We’ve done it before, and they enjoy it, so they were pretty enthusiastic. I love watching them, they make me laugh every time!

We started off with some cat/cow breathing. Some of them had their knees pretty close to their arms, and wouldn’t move, even when I explained table pose. Their cat/cows were pretty shaky and they kept falling over!

Then, they lifted their tiny butts in the air for some downward dogs.

Nice little child’s pose break.

When you work with kids, they want to know your favourite everything: colour, food, animal. My favourite animal is a giraffe. Every time they see a giraffe in a book, they show me. They draw me pictures of giraffes, who are usually pink. When I told them we would be doing my favourite pose, one kid asked “Giraffe pose?” So cute! Sadly, there is no giraffe pose (that I know of). I meant tree.

I’ve got a pretty strange look on my face here. One of the kids was taking pictures, and his sense of timing wasn’t that great.

Cute little warriors.

We tried dancer pose. The had lots of fun with this one. One little girl even had her tongue sticking out, she was concentrating so hard!

A little more child’s pose to end the day.

Namaste, tiny yoga people!

3 thoughts on “Tiny yoga people

    • The Bliss Project says:

      They are pretty cute, which is a good thing because when they’re driving me crazy, one of them will say something cute like “You have a dad? Really?!” (When we were talking about father’s day!)

  1. Green Thumb Mama says:

    Such a great thing to do! I also want to say how much I appreciate the fact that you protected these kids’ identity by not putting their faces on the internet. I refuse to post pictures of my children’s faces online because it makes them vulnerable. Great job!

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