The road to headstands is paved with pillows

If you want to flip upside down, you’re going to fall a lot before you get there. I’m very motivated to one day do a headstand. Or a handstand. Or anything that gets me upside down. But that means I fall down all the time.

I read on someone’s blog that she wanted to do a handstand one day, so she did crow every day and practiced cartwheels in the park. I don’t remember which blog it was, or I would post a link. I thought this was a great idea. Well, the crow part, not so much the cartwheel part. You see, I can’t do a cartwheel. I never could. When I was a kid, I spent entire summers trying so hard to get my legs up as I wheeled myself around, down a hill, on the beach, in the grass, everywhere. It just never worked. I’d be willing to try again, but I’m way more self-conscious now.

So, back to crow. I now have a yoga mat set up in my spare bedroom, so I decided to try doing crow pose every day. I usually look like this.

But sometimes, more and more often, I actually get into it, and stay there. Not very long, but a few months ago, crow wasn’t even a part of my practice, so I’m pretty happy with myself!

Then, today, I went to a really great power flow yoga class with Todd. We did a lot of poses to build strength. One thing I really appreciated was that it didn’t feel as hot as it ususally does. I do love the heat, but when you’re trying new things, it’s nice to feel the heat a little less. I was still melting, but like a popsicle, not lava.

We did some kick-ups (I think that’s what it was called) to practice getting into a forearm stand or a handstand. We had our arms or hands on the mat, looked down, kicked up one leg, then the other, before bringing them down. In my case, it was more momentum than anything else, but I liked the feeling of having more weight on my hands or arms. When the whole class was doing it, we sounded like elephants trying to Riverdance, but it created a great energy.

I didn’t do anything perfectly today, which is why it was such a great class. I had fun, I laughed, I fell. I’m really enjoying where I am in my practice. I’m happy about that, because wishing I was somewhere else would just make everything a lot harder. Bring on the inversions! (And the pillows!)

4 thoughts on “The road to headstands is paved with pillows

  1. eatandgetmoving says:

    I love how you say the road to a headstand is paved with pillows 😀 maybe if I’d lay down plenty of pillows I’d dare to try the headstand…. I have never been able to stand in crow yet… I find every arm balance so very hard. Maybe I just need to practice more and be happy with where I am like you said for yourself 🙂 😉

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I also find arm balance to be very difficult, that’s why crow is such a rush now that I can do it! I like to have pillows around when I’m practicing at home, because I fall a lot! It’s not easy to be happy with what you can do, when there is so much more you want to do. It comes and goes and I fully take advantage of it when I’m happy and confident!

  2. livepassionatelytonight says:

    Congratulations! This is awesome 🙂 Once I saw someone in yoga go from crow to a headstand to dropping their legs back into plank: CRAZY! Someday….

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Yes, I know, my teacher was doing it yesterday! We were supposed to try “floating” into plank from our crow pose, but I concentrated on not falling on my head! One thing at a time!

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