Free falling

I’ve been sick for about a week, so I haven’t done anything exciting in a while. I thought I would share an amazing experience I had before I started blogging.

Last year, I got to try a free falling simulator. You get the same weightless feeling as jumping out of an airplane. Or so I’ve heard. I have never jumped out of a plane. The feeling might be the same, but I got to do it without the “Hey, I might crash to my death” thing.

A friend of mine got this as a gift and invited me to go along. I was kind of scared, but I said yes, because hey, you never know, I could be the next…humm, I was going to insert the name of some famous parachute jumper, but I don’t know any.

We had to wear a snazzy suit with lots of velcro and handles on our backs so the free falling pro could grab onto us if we started to float away. Yeah, I look excited, don’t I?

Then, we had to go into this glass tube thing, which in fact was the simulator. The air is forced up through a metal grate, creating the effect of wind resistance. We were not allowed to bring the camera into the tube, for obvious reasons. We asked a lady to take pictures of us. Even through the glass and my awesome plastic goggles, you can tell how nervous I am!

What am I so nervous about? I mean, it’s not dangerous. There’s no chance of death by crashing to the ground. It was just completely new territory. They were telling me I was going to feel weightless, but what does that mean, really?

When it was your turn, you had to stand in the doorway to the tube, cross your arms and let yourself fall forward. I stood there for so long that the guy just kind of pulled me in. It wasn’t what I expected. To me, weightless meant light, fluffy, floating around. This felt more like a Maxwell tape ad. My face felt like it was being sucked upwards and I couldn’t feel my legs. I could feel my arms, and I was told it was because I could see them. The sensation was so unfamiliar to my body that what I couldn’t see, I couldn’t feel.

My first time in the tube was about 2 minutes. Then I went back to the bench for a little while. What you might not know about this free falling stuff, is that if you open your mouth to laugh, as I did, the spit just comes right out of your mouth and up your face. Lovely, isn’t it?

When I went back in the second time, I was like a pro. I “flew” by myself and even experimented with different hights and changing directions. It was amazing.

It was definitely a unique experience. Would I do it again? Yes, but I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those free falling junkies. I kind of like gravity, come to think of it!

Have you ever experienced weightlessness?


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