My mom is awesome

You might think your mom is awesome, but you probably haven’t met my mom. She’s the best mom ever.

When I was little, she would let me drink grape juice out of wine glasses and help me build cabins in the woods. She would tie ribbons on my pigtails that were as long as my hair. She would open the door and turn the couch to face outside when there was a storm so we could watch “the show”. To this day, I love storms because of her.

This is my mom with my sister and I, a long, long time ago! I am on the left.

When I was a teenager and other kids thought their parents were weird and did their best to avoid them, I enjoyed following my parents around. I talk a lot, and so does my mom, so we always had things to tell each other.

She has passed on her love of reading to me, for which I will be forever grateful. She has taught me how to cook, how to be an adult and how to think on my own. The greatest compliment I can get is when someone tells me I look like my mom. She is strong, beautiful and everything I want to be.

Je t’aime ma maman d’amour! xxx

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