Yoga favourites

When you do something a lot, you discover what you like and what you don’t like about it. Some days, I’m so in love with yoga that I would tell you I enjoy everything about it (well, maybe not dragon pose). But really, I play favourites.

Favourite pose: Tree!

Favourite style/type: hot yoga.

Favourite workout clothes: Tops with thin straps and little support. (I don’t need it!) So easy to move around in. Also, below the knee leggings.

Hello Kitty here is totally rocking my kind of outfit.

Favourite class length: 1 hour. Sometimes longer is ok, but usually, after an hour, I look forward to the end of class.

Favourite spot: Second row, with no one in front of me. I like being able to see myself in the mirror, but I don’t like being really close to my reflexion.

Favourite thing to do during class that’s not actually yoga: Laugh! I fall over a lot, and it’s either laugh or get frustrated. Laughing works for me!

Favourite drink after class: Grape powerade, but not every day.

Favourite snack to eat after class: Anything with peanut butter. I’m not usually a peanut butter nut, but something about yoga makes me crave it!

Favourite part of class: When the teacher says “Let’s flow”.

Favourite thing to tell myself during class: One day, I will do a headstand! That and, It’s almost over! Depends on the day.

Favourite music: Right now, it’s “Somewhere over the rainbow”, the Hawaiian version. That’s the song that was playing during Jen’s class when I did my first wheel.

Favourite thing to think about during class that’s not yoga: food, especially sweet things like cupcakes and cookies.

This is so me.

Favourite teacher: Well, I obviously can’t pick just one! It really depends on what I need that day.

Natalie, when I want to laugh, smile and feel the love. Also for when I want to remember why I fell in love with yoga.

Amber, when I want to feel like a rockstar who can do anything and really push myself.

Jen, when I want to try new poses and feel like a superhero.

Ichih, when I want to feel peace, love and happiness.

Edith, when I want to feel like a class has been designed with me in my mind.

Todd, when I want to feel like I’m getting a massage.

Favourite thing about yoga:

Namaste yogis!

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