Why I run

Today is a cloudy, almost rainy day. Instead of going for a run, I figured I would just blog about running. That’s kind of the same thing, right?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m cheating by calling myself a runner. Runners are athletic people. They run marathons. They eat (or drink?) those little gel packet things. They have weird running shoes with toes. A 5k run is a breeze.

I have to train to run a 5k. But, I’m guessing even the runners had to start somewhere. They must have trained for a 5k at some point. What I wonder is, what motivates someone to run a marathon? Those things can kill you. My reasons for running seem to be very different from other people. Then again, I’ve never asked anyone why they run.

This is why I run:

– To run away from a bad day.

– Because I can.

– I like the sound my feet make on the pavement.

– I enjoy the adrenaline rush.

– Runners are cool.

– Because I love it. I can’t explain it, it’s just fun.

– It’s more exciting than going for a walk.

– Sometimes, because I over did it on the brownies.

– When I’m running, nothing else matters.

– After a run, I feel like I’ve accomplished something amazing.

Actually, those seem like pretty good reasons to run, now that I’ve written them down. I think I’ve actually managed to motivate myself to go running. Yay me!

What are your reasons for running?

16 thoughts on “Why I run

  1. Amanda Munro says:

    I love your way of looking at it!

    I also love running and even though I still don’t “consider myself a runner” everyone who puts on their shoes and runs as much as their body will let them – is a runner! It took me years to actually enjoy running – and I now too love it. I ran in my first 10km race last month and am training for my first half marathon this summer. If I can go from not being able to run a block to a half marathon, anyone can do it. Keep on it – and yes, just thinking about running does count – it’s more than most people can say!

    Happy running 🙂

      • Amanda Munro says:

        Yes that’s it exactly – and you’ll learn your body and when you can push yourself and when you can’t. For example, I know I run WAY better in the morning – so I do the better parts of my runs in the mornings 🙂

  2. Zab says:

    I run for all those same reasons. I think after a while though, 5k just doesn’t quite cut it – it’s just not enough to satisfy those needs. So you start training for 10k, and then half marathons and eventually marathons… just to get your fix. I bet one day you’ll run a marathon! 🙂

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Zab, you impress me very much! I can’t believe you just ran a marathon! That’s crazy-in-a-good-way!! I know what you mean about wanting more. I know I can run a 5k, so now I want to run a 10k! I’m not sure about the marathon though…!

  3. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    I run for those reasons too – and I trained for a 5k last year in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. So I also run for a good cause. I’ve taken a break from it now to focus more on strength training, but I plan to run another 5k in August so guess I’d better get back into it!

  4. adventures2213 says:

    I run to explore new cities. I have been lost in Greece and NYC – best way to meet people when you have to ask for directions.
    I run to the beach to stare at the Moutains meeting the Ocean.
    I run to wear out my energetic puppy!
    I run because I love knowing that it is just my body and the pavement.
    No machines, no membership, no fees – i literally just walk out the front door and I become a runner

    • The Bliss Project says:

      I LOVE the idea of running to discover a new city! I will definitely try this next time I go somewhere new. Thanks for sharing your reasons to run. Reading all the comments makes me realize that all reasons are good. Whatever gets you out there is the right reason!

  5. Sophie - la soeur de Manon ;) says:

    I am very lazy, but I do like to run. Contradiction…

    I run because it makes me smile and because the vet said my dog needs to lose weight!

  6. Frank M. says:

    I stumbled upon your blog. You are funny and seem to enjoy life. I also started doing yoga and running 5k’s. So I admire your determination and curiosity. I run because I can. I run because it makes it easy for me to forget all my problems. Running puts me at ease and allows me to focus on one thing breathing. At some point I will try to make it a goal to run a 10k. I just need to break that fear, it’s a mind thing. Anyway…thanks for your posts and those delicious desserts you post. WOW.

    • The Bliss Project says:

      Hi Frank!
      I’m happy you found me! As you can tell, I’m all over the place with this blog, writing about all the things that make me happy. It made my day to read your comment. I haven’t felt motivated to run lately, then today, a co-worker asked me to sign up for a 10k with her. Add to that reading about why you run and you get a much more motivated me! Thanks!

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