Earth day

Today is Earth day, and I decided to make a list of green things I can do to help the planet. I already do the basic stuff : recycle, reuse, reduce, compost, but there are more things I can do, I just need to make an effort.

Here’s what I will do to help the planet:

– Meatless Mondays. By not eating meat one day a week, you can help reduce the environmental problems associated with the meat industry. It’s also good for your health. I’m not sure I’ll always do Mondays, but I can definitely manage one day a week.

– Bring a reusable cup with me to the coffee shop.

– Buy more locally grown food. I have to admit, I don’t usually pay attention to where my food comes from.

– Educate the kids at school without scaring them. Children take the fate of polar bears very seriously.

– Post more pictures of kermit. Can’t get greener than that.

– Do more yoga. I’m not sure how this helps the planet, but I’m sure it does.

Often, being green becomes a competition and people who consider themselves more green than others feel it is their right to comment on other people’s actions. This is too bad, because every little bit helps. Also, maybe you use sustainable materials to renovate your bathroom and drive a hybrid, but when you fly to Europe 5 times a year or or buy 3 newspapers every day,  that impacts your carbon footprint too. Please don’t judge other’s efforts.

Hug a tree, plant some flowers, recycle and have a great Earth day!

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