The yoga experience

You can go to a yoga class. You show up, do your thing, then leave after savasana. It works. I’ve done it. But you can also have a yoga experience.

A yoga experience happens when you don’t just do yoga, you have a good time. You make a night of it. It’s what your plans are for the evening, not what comes before your plans.

A good yoga experience will start by going to a studio you love, with a friend. Tonight, Julie and I went to Pure. It helps if you know your teacher. We did Amber’s core flow class. Don’t be fooled by her smile, she will torturing us in a few minutes.

Laughing is a big part of the yoga experience. My favourite moment tonight was when I fell out of side plank. I could have been upset with myself, but it was just too funny.  My side plank started off easily enough (meaning I didn’t fall right away).

Then, Amber had us lift our top leg. Because my arm shaking like crazy and sweat dripping into my ear was not enough. That’s when I crashed to the ground. It’s ok, falling is a fun part of the experience.

Julie really enjoyed her airplane tonight. I didn’t do airplane, as I was leaning against a wall trying to remember my name.

Then, after class, the experience continues with a chill out session in the seating area. This is a good time to allow your body to adjust to the yoga brain. Tonight’s yoga brain symptoms included, but were not limited to : walking into a wall, forgetting how to tie my shoes and not knowing where I put my car key (in the same place I always do, of course).

When you think you’re ready to leave, hang out a little more. Chat, take some more pictures. Laugh.

I could not have gotten to day 29 of of my 30 day yoga challenge just by going to class. Tomorrow will be day 30. It will be a wonderful experience!

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