Fabulous is such a good word. It’s better than awesome, great and fantastic combined. Not everything is fabulous. The word has to be used only at the appropriate time. Fabulous is Sex and the City and mimosas. It’s gold peep-toe heels and that dress that looks like a million bucks but only cost 12. It’s finding something on sale at lululemon, in your size.

You can go days, even weeks, without having to use the word fabulous. Things are good, ok, even wonderful, but not fabulous. Then, it will happen. All of a sudden, you will have so many fabulous moments that you just have to share.

This post is totally inspired by Neil Pasricha’s The book of Awesome and also by a really corny e-mail I have kept since 1999 called Natural Highs.

Fabulous to me is,

– Remembering some random piece of useless information at the right time, like when you’re watching Jeopardy. Double fabulous if someone is there to witness how smart you are and triple fabulous if none of the contestants know the answer.

– Getting asked for my ID the day before my 30th birthday.

– One of the kids in my class telling me I’m pretty with “yellow hair”.

– When people honk their horn and give me a thumbs up when I’m running.

– Not passing out during the hottest yoga class ever. In the history of hot yoga classes, this was the hottest.

– When I tell someone I’m doing a 30 day yoga challenge and they say “3o days? (insert awe and amazement here) Wow!” I have been hearing the word crazy being whispered in my presence a lot more lately, however.

– Making a baby smile.

– Every time one of my students asks if she can get something from the attic. She means closet, we don’t have an attic in the classroom.

– Wearing flip-flops.

– Figuring out how a book will end before I finish it. It just makes me feel so smart.

– Not getting sick after being sneezed on 87 times a day. Teaching is not without risks, you know.

– Not falling out of tree pose.

– When I tell people I did a triathlon and they automatically think Iron Man. Yeah, not going to happen.

– Trying to do a headstand. It doesn’t matter that I can’t do it, I feel fabulous for trying.

– Animals in yoga poses.

Downward tiger?

Have a fabulous Saturday!

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